How to Join PS4 Party on PC (both Windows & Mac)

With how the world has been around the past year and so, lots of people have acquired gaming as a way to overcome boredom. As it is with gaming, you tend to meet a lot of new people and end up being friends. If you have the PS4, you might have heard people asking you to join the PS4 party. While you could always join it through the PS4 itself, you can now join the party from your PC and it is very simple. Here’s a simple guide on how to join PS4 party on PC.

All of this can be done using your Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac systems. All thanks to remote play that was launched back in 2016 for the PS4, which also supports the new PS5. It is software that lets you have voice chats with your friends, without the need of having to use the PS4 directly. If you have a Windows or Mac system, then read on to know how to join a PS4 party from your system.

How to Join PS4 Party On PC

Let’s say you are in your bedroom using your PC and your PS4 friends ask you to join a party and play a few games with them. If you have your PS4 connected to the internet in another room, then you can simply join a voice chat without having to go physically near your PS4. Just make sure that you have the following items to be able to start Remote Play.


  • PlayStation remote software
  • PC or Mac
  • PS4
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • PS4 controller

Steps to join PS4 party from your PC:

  1. Download the PlayStation Remote play app for your PC. It is free to download and is available for Windows as well as Mac systems.
  2. Install the Remote Play app on your system.
  3. Now, make sure that your PS4 and your system are connected to the internet.
  4. Ensure that your PS4 is in Sleep Mode to make use of Voice Chat via Remote Play on PC.
  5. Connect the PS4 controller to your PC. You can do that either by connecting it via Bluetooth or by simply using a cable to connect each other.
  6. Open the Remote Play app and select PS4. If you have a PS5 you can select it. These steps work the same for both consoles.
  7. Sign in with the same account that you have used to sign in to the PS4.
  8. The PC and Console have now been synced.
  9. You can now use your controller and play your game.
  10. Once in the Remote Play app, press and hold down the PlayStation button.
  11. Select Party from the Quick Menu.
  12. You can now either start a party or join a party.
  13. Select from the list and join the PS4 party. Also, make sure that the microphone icon at the bottom is selected so that you can then talk with your friends right away.

And, that is how you join a PS4 Party. This method works perfectly fine if you have a PS5 and it even runs fine on a Mac system. However, if you are just going to talk to your friends, you can simply minimize the app or move it anywhere and you will still be able to talk to your friends. If you want, you can also play games and talk to your friends right away. Also, there are various settings for video quality and frame rate to tinker around, based on how good your internet connection is.

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