How to Install Fonts in Windows 11 [Guide]

Fonts. Everyone uses them whether it’s for typing out a document, preparing a presentation, or maybe designing posters or advertisements. Having the right font can make a big change to whatever work you might be doing as fonts. Now, you could always make use of the default fonts that are pre-installed in Windows 11. However, there could be a few fonts that you wish you could install and maybe even apply as your system’s font. So, if you have some new fonts that you wish to use, here is a guide on how to install fonts in Windows 11.

Having the ability to be able to install fonts of your choice is great. It helps with getting your creative work done and also the satisfaction of knowing that the font is on your system at all times. There are a ton of fonts available for you to use for free or even purchase. Read on to know how to install a font on your Windows 11 system as well as know how to uninstall it.

How to install Fonts in Windows 11

There are three ways that you can choose from to install fonts on your Windows 11 PC. Three methods are simple and super easy to follow. In fact, it shouldn’t even take more than 2 minutes of your time too. Let’s get started.

Install Fonts from Settings app

  1. From the start menu select the Settings app or search for it.
  2. With the Settings app open, select the Personalization option on the left.
  3. Now, scroll the right panel down till you find the Fonts option.
    how to install fonts in windows 11
  4. Select the fonts option. You will see a text that says Get More fonts in Microsoft Store. Click on it.
    how to install fonts in windows 11
  5. The Microsoft Store will now display off a list of free as well as paid fonts that you can download and use on your PC. Select the font that you wish to and click on the purchase or free button.
    how to install fonts in windows 11
  6. With the font downloaded, you will the new font installed and in the list of fonts.
  7. You will now be able to make use of the font for any of your work.

There is another method that you can use to install fonts on your system. To do this, you will have to download your font file from the web browser from any of the font resources available on the internet. With the file downloaded, click on the Maximize button of the Settings window so that it compacts itself on your screen. Open the folder where your font has been downloaded to. Select the font file and drag it over the Settings app. The font will now be installed in your system right away.

Install Fonts from Control Panel

  1. Open the Control Panel by typing it in the Start Menu.
  2. Now, select appearance and Personalization.
    how to install fonts in windows 11
  3. Then click on Fonts.
    how to install fonts in windows 11
  4. A window will now open up showing you all the fonts installed on your system.
    how to install fonts in windows 11
  5. Here, you will be able to preview, delete, hide and show fonts. The freedom is yours.
  6. To install a font, you can simply drag the font here and it will be installed right away.
  7. A very simple and easy way to install fonts on your Windows 11 PC.

Install Fonts directly

Of course, dragging and dropping the fonts to get them installed is simple, fast, and easy. However, there is a third way that you can use to install fonts. If you have font files downloaded to your system, all you need to do is simply open the font file and click on the install button. That is all you need to do to install a font file of your choice. You can even get a preview of the font style before you choose to install it.

how to install fonts in windows 11

How to uninstall fonts in Windows 11

Now, there could be that one time when you used a particular font, but ow no longer use it or have no use for it anymore, well you can uninstall it right away. Not like it would free up a huge chunk of space, but just for the satisfaction that you no longer have things that you do not use. There are two ways that you can follow to uninstall fonts on your Windows 11 PC.

Method 1

  1. Open the Settings app and select Personalization.
  2. Now, scroll over to fonts and select them.
    how to install fonts in windows 11
  3. From the huge list of installed fonts, select the one that you wish to remove or uninstall.
    how to install fonts in windows 11
  4. Once you have selected the font, you will see the Uninstall button. Click on it to remove the font from your system.
    how to install fonts in windows 11

Method 2

  1. Open up the Control Panel and select the Appearance and Personalization.
  2. Now, select the Font menu. It will show you all the installed fonts.
  3. To uninstall a font from your system, simply select the font, right-click and select the Delete option.
    how to install fonts in windows 11
  4. The font will be uninstalled and deleted from your system right away.


And this is how you can install as well as delete fonts from your Windows 11 PC. Have there been any fonts that you have or wanted to install?

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Let us know below what fonts were they and whether it was a free one or a paid one and from where you managed to get the font.

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