How to Install Android O Beta on Any Google Smartphone

The major announcement of the Google I/O 2017 is Android O, Now the Latest version of Android is Android O, not Nougat, so everyone thinks to install it on her smartphone. Android 8.0 is now available to download and install on any Google Smartphone. Android O’s main highlights are performance and battery life. From April, the developer preview is available but now Google officially launched a beta version on May 17. In this post, I will tell you “How to Install Android O Beta on Any Google Smartphone”.

Which Smartphones are Currently Supported?

Android O Beta version is available for only Google smartphones, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus Player, so if you have anyone from these then try to install it.

How to Install Android O Beta on Any Google Smartphone:

We have two ways to install Android O Beta, The first way to install Android O Beta is:

Go to the Android O Beta official website, Click here for it and now enter your Gmail ID which was logged on your Google’s smartphone then click on Enroll Device button to get it. Now you will get an update notification of OTA(Over-the-Air) update on your smartphone of Android O. The download size is between 500MB-990MB, size may vary for different devices Google Pixel XL’s size is 981MB. This Android O Beta version is not stable, this is a testing version so if there are some bugs then enroll Android N back.

NO LOSS OF OLD DATA: After the installation is complete, No data will be deleted from your device. So don’t worry and try the Android O Beta update on your phone.

How to Enroll Backup Android N (Stable):

If you are not comfortable with Android O then again go to the Android O official website here and again sign in with your Google account, then click on Unenroll button to get Android Nougat back.

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