How to Import and Export Bookmarks from a Browser to Another Browser

We bookmark the sites which we like a lot, but the problem is whenever we change our Windows (OS) or we enter our Gmail ID on Google Chrome then all our bookmarks are gone or deleted. So, here we wind the solution, by which you can upgrade your OS or enter your Gmail ID without any worry. In this post, I will use two of the most popular browsers, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Check: “How to Import and Export Bookmarks from a Browser to Another Browser”.

Here are The Steps (Google Chrome):

  1. For Backup your favorite sites bookmarks, Open the Google Chrome, Now click on three dots menu button at the right side of the browser and find bookmarks section after this click on bookmark manager, you can also press CTR + SHIFT + O shortcut for opening bookmark manager.
  2. Firstly Click on Organize button, which was placed at the top and choose the “Export to an HTML File”.
  3. Now choose the location where you want to save this HTML File, and give a name to your file.
  4. Suppose that you can upgrade your Window, and you want to import your old bookmarks.
  5. Again Go to bookmark manager, again go to Organize now choose the “Import to a Browser”.
  6. Now all your old bookmarks are imported in your browser.

Import Chrome Bookmarks into Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox, On the home screen you will see the Bookmarks button click on it, if you do not find it on the home screen then go to settings and open bookmarks.
  2. Now Click on “Import and Export” button at the top of the window, and choose Import bookmarks from another browser and choose the browser from which you want to import.
  3. You can also import the saved bookmarks from the HTML file by click on the Import bookmark option.
  4. Choose the file, now you will see that your bookmarks will be transferred to Mozilla Firefox.

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