How to Hide Streaming Channels on Roku TV [Guide]

Roku is an excellent streaming service that lets you watch plenty of free and paid content. There are channels available in every genre. From sports to movies to news and to even kids’ content, Roku has it all. While there is entertainment for each and everyone in the family, some channels are not meant to be viewed by children. So, if you are someone that wants to hide and prevent access to some channels to children for whatever reasons, this is the guide for you. Here is a guide on how you can hide streaming channels on your Roku Streaming Stick or Roku TV.

Before we get into how you should hide streaming channels on Roku, we first need to know why channels are being hidden. You see, there are plenty of adult channels out there that anyone can add to their Roku. So to prevent young children from being able to access such channels, there is a parental feature within Roku that lets you hide and prevent access to such channels. Apart from that, as parents, many might also want to restrict them from watching movies and shows that are not rated for their ages. So if you want to have some control, this is the guide you need to read through.

How to Hide Streaming Channels on Roku TV

You can follow these steps to hide all Live TV streaming channels on your Roku device.

how to hide channels on roku tv
  1. Power up your Roku device and grab the remote for it.
  2. Now, press the Home button on the remote.
  3. Scroll through the list and select the Settings option.
  4. Under Settings, you will see TV Inputs Select it.
  5. Now choose Live Tv and choose the Hide Streaming TV Channels option.
  6. Simply choose Hide All. All of your Streaming channels on your Roku device will now be hidden.

Hide Channel Shortcuts

Apart from hiding Live TV channels, Roku also lets you hide any channel shortcuts that you might have created which helps in accessing a channel instantly without having to scroll through the channels list. You can follow these steps.

  1. Power up your Roku device and have the remote with you.
  2. Now, press the Home button on the remote to bring up the Settings menu.
  3. Select Home Screen under the Settings option.
  4. Finally, select Shortcuts.
  5. Now select the shortcut that you want to remove by unchecking it.
  6. You have now removed shortcuts from your Roku home screen.


These are the two ways you can hide streaming channels and Live TV on any Roku device. Whether it is the Roku TV, Roku Streaming Box, or even the Roku Streaming Stick, the methods are the same. This is a good way to keep the kids away from content that is not suitable for their age.

These methods work only because Roku does not let you create multiple profiles on one device. Had it the feature of creating different user profiles, any user could create a child’s profile and let them access only content that is suitable for them without having to worry about anything going wrong. We hope this guide has helped you in learning how you can hide streaming channels on your Roku. If you have any queries, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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