How to get help in Windows 11 [6 Easy Ways]

Windows 11 is a great new OS that is currently in beta testing which is expected to be available to the public on the 5th of October. While a majority of the users will beknowing everything on how to make use of various things, there are a few that might be new to the OS itself. This is where Windows Help comes into action. Windows Help is a resource that can be used by users on programs that they might have questions or doubts about. Let’s take a look at how to get help in Windows 11.

Microsoft has its Help service that is baked right into the operating system. Simply searching for a keyword or a topic will result in a ton of topics that will provide you the solution for your queries. There is also the possibility of one getting support through text or even phone. However, if you do not prefer to get help via phone and text but want instant help, there are a few ways that you can access the Windows Help service right away. Let’s take a look at how to get Help in Windows 11.

How to Get Help in Windows 11

Get Help using the F1 key

The F1 key as we all know is the Help Button for most of the Microsoft Applications. It is simple and easy to use. You can press the F1 key on the Desktop, Paint, File Explorer. When you press the F1 key it will open Microsoft Edge and show you results for the particular topic that you requested help for. You could even call it the Shortcut key for Microsoft Edge as it opens up the Help results in Microsoft Edge even when it isn’t the default web browser on your Windows 11 PC. 

However, when you press the F1 key on any Microsoft Office program, it will show you the Help window within the program itself. For some systems, you might have to use the Function Key and the F1 key to bring the Help assistance. The F1 key method to getting help has been around since the early days of Windows

Get Help from the Get Help app

The Get help app is a special app that provides the user with various answers that a user might have, it could be anything related to your Windows system. 

how to get help in windows 11
  • Open the Start Menu and type in Get Help
  • When the app shows up in the results simply hit the enter button,
  • You will see a search box and a few Get help topics.
  • Enter text in the Search Box to get Help results on how to use a particular topic.
  • The results will also consist of a few articles from the Microsoft website.
  • When you click on the links it will ask you to open the links in Microsoft Edge or any other web browser that you have installed on your Windows 11 PC.

How to get help in Windows 11 from the Tips App

The Tips app is another great way to Get Help on various kinds of topics related to Windows 11. Just like the Get Help app, the Tips app comes preinstalled with Windows 11. Here is you can access the Tips app on your Windows 11 PC.

how to get help in windows 11
  • With the Start Menu open, type in Tips.
  • When you see the Tips app in the results, press the enter key to open the app.
  • You will now be shown various Tips in a Grid Layout.
  • To read these tips, simply click on the topic that you would like to read on. Each topic has several tips.
  • Each tip has a little text and an image that will help the user to understand what and how they should be using a particular feature.
  • As of now, there are 6 topics available. We can expect more topics to show up when Windows 11 becomes publicly available to all.

How to get help in Windows 11 from the Start Menu

Now, one might ask, what kind of help would you get from the Start Menu. Well, it might not mean anything for those who are regular users of the Windows Operating System. If you are new to Windows or barely uses a Windows system, the Start Menu is a great way to get help. Typing in any keyword will bring you various results from the Settings app. For example, if you type in Sound will bring you various Sound settings for your PC meaning that you won’t have to struggle around figuring what you might need to do and how you should do it.

how to get help in windows 11

Get Help in Windows 11 from the Microsoft Support page

The Microsoft Support page is a great way to get help on various kinds of topics that you might have concerning Windows 11. Over here you can ask your questions and get replies to your queries from other Windows 11 users and Microsoft representatives. Also, a few regions have a phone number that you can call and clarify your doubts and get help for Windows 11.

how to get help in windows 11

Get Help in Windows 11 using Cortana

Cortana is a digital assistant that was developed by Microsoft and featured in Windows 10. You can always ask the virtual assistant anything related to Windows and almost anything else. For example, you could ask Cortana to tell you the shortcut for copying a file and it would show up with a result right away. However, Cortana seems to be a dying feature and it might eventually be removed from the Windows OS in the coming years

how to get help in windows 11


These are the best ways that you can use to get help for various topics with regards to Windows 11. However, you can always come back and check out our other Windows 11 topics that we have for you to read through and know how to perform various things and functions.

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