How to Download Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a great portable gaming console that has a ton of games. Sure it has a large number of Super Mario titles that you can buy from the Nintendo eShop. But, what about free games? Everyone likes a good free game, right? So, if you were on the lookout for a fun free-to-play multiplayer game, then, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the game you need to be playing.

You see, the game was earlier a paid one. However, after its shaft from Steam to the Epic Games Store, the game has now been made available for free. So, whether you play Fall Guys on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or even on the Nintendo Switch, you can play the game for free. And it is a cross-platform game, which means you can continue the game on any platform you want. Here is our guide on how to get Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on your Nintendo Switch.

Fall Guys Nintendo Switch

How to Get Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Nintendo Switch

Given that the game is available for free and is also available on the Nintendo e Shop, you can follow these steps to install the game on your Switch.

  1. First up, power your Nintendo Switch and connect it to your WiFi network.
  2. At the bottom of the home screen, you will see a number of icons.
  3. Select the icon that has the shopping cart.
  4. You will be asked to choose a profile. Select the profile that you normally go with.
  5. The eShop will now be launched on your Nintendo Switch.
  6. To the left of your screen, you will see the Search or Browse option.
  7. Select it and type in Fall Guys.
  8. From the search results, you should see the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game.
  9. Select the game and then choose Free Download.
  10. Select Free Download again to confirm downloading the game.
  11. The game will now be downloaded to your Nintendo Switch.

The game will take around 1.8 GB of your storage space, so ensure that you have enough storage space prior to downloading the free game. You can play this game by using the device itself or you can connect it to your TV and play. using the Nintendo Switch Pro controllers. The best part about this free multiplayer game is that you do not need to purchase the Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play this game. The save files for the game are stored in the game’s cloud database. This simply means that you can continue your game progress on any other device.


And this is everything you need to know about how you can download Fall guys: Ultimate Knockout on your Nintendo switch. This is a great game to play with your friends and have a good time. What are your thoughts about the game and for that matter about the game going free? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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