How to Fix Samsung Soundbar That Is Not Working

Samsung Soundbar Troubleshooting Guide

Soundbars are a great way to improve the sound experience of your TV. With a lot of Smart TVs being slim, it’s always a good idea to pair a soundbar to get the best audio experience. Samsung is one brand that not only manufactures Smart TVs but also manufactures a large range of soundbars. As you would expect, Samsung’s soundbars are great sounding. But, as it is with all electronic devices, there will always be a time when you might be having an issue with your Samsung soundbar.

There could be many reasons why your Samsung sound bar might not be working. There is a possibility of no audio output, issues in changing the source, distorted audio, or maybe even some sort of bugs that might be causing problems with the audio output on the Samsung soundbar. No matter what the issue is, there is always a way to solve the issue. Read on to know the various troubleshooting methods you need to follow to solve the Samsung soundbar that is not working.

Fix Samsung Soundbar Not Working Issue

Whatever the issue you might be facing with the Samsung soundbar, you will be able to resolve the issue right away. 

how to fix samsung soundbar not working

Restart the Samsung Soundbar

One of the most common methods followed universally for all electronic devices will have to be powering it offend then powering it on. You can do this either by using the included remote to switch it off or on or, you could simply use the power button located on the soundbar to restart it. Once you restart, most of the bugs should be cleared away and it should be working perfectly.

Check The Cables

One other reason why your Samsung soundbar might not be functioning properly could simply be faulty or damaged cables. Ensure that your power cable and the HDMI ARC cables are damage free and have no sorts of cuts or splits on them. Cables that are bent too much tend to get damaged internally and hence refuse to work. So check and replace the cables if necessary.

Ensure Audio Source Is Correct

Different soundbars have different mediums of audio output. Some of them have Bluetooth audio, some via the AUX cable, some via Co-axial, and others via the HDMI ARC port. In this case, ensure that your soundbar’s audio output source is set to the right one. Because if it’s set to the wrong audio source, you will not be hearing any sort of audio output even though your soundbar is connected to the TV.

Unmute the TV and Soundbar Audio

One other common issue a lot of people have is that the soundbar doesn’t play the audio even though when the device is thoroughly connected and has been set to the right audio source. In this case, it is advisable to check the sound levels on your TV and Soundbar there could be a possibility that both devices have set the volume either too low or have been muted by mistake by the user. Unmute and increase the volume to get the audio output from your Samsung Soundbar.

Ensure Your TV and Soundbar Is Powered On

Might sound silly, but a lot of people out there, keep forgetting to check if they have actually turned the devices on. If the devices aren’t powered and switched to the right sources, you aren’t going to get any type of audio output whatsoever. So, always check that your TV or any other device that the soundbar is connected to as well as the soundbar is powered on and set up to play audio.

Plug Into the Right HDMI Audio Port

Some TVs will be having two different HDMI ports. One will be for your video output and the other will be for your audio output. If you have connected the cable to the wrong port on your TV, unplug it and check that you’ve connected it to the HDMI port that allows you to send out audio outputs Once the cables have been plugged into the right ports, you should be hearing the audio play through your Samsung soundbar.

Turn on TV SoundConnect (SoundShare) and Change Settings [for Samsung TVs]

After connecting the soundbar to your TV, make sure to turn on TV SoundConnect (SoundShare) and change some settings.

  1. Open Settings on your Samsung TV.
  2. Select Sound in Settings > Speaker Settings > TV SoundConnect > Add New Device > On.
  3. That’s it.

Now you need to change some settings, in the Speaker Settings you need to change the settings to TV SoundConnect (SoundShare).

Adjust TV’s Speaker Settings

Some smart TVs or any regular TV for that matter will require you to change the audio output settings when you connect either a home theater, a soundbar, or even any speaker for that matter. Some TVs such as the ones from Samsung require you to change the audio output Settings. If you are using a Samsung TV, you might want to check this guide out on how to connect your Bluetooth soundbar to the TV easily.

In case you are connected to a soundbar via the HDMI ARC, you might want to follow these steps to change the TV speaker settings on your Samsung TV.

  1. Grab the TV remote for your Samsung TV and press the Menu button.
  2. Select the Settings option, followed by  Audio and Sound.
  3. Now, choose Speaker Select followed by Speaker Settings.
  4. You might want to enable it or choose the type of device connected to your TV.
  5. This settings option will vary slightly from one Samsung TV model to another Samsung TV model.

Reset Your TV

If you feel that your TV might be the root cause for no audio playback to your soundbar, you might want to consider resetting your TV. If you have a Samsung TV, you might want to follow this guide to know how to fix the no-sound issues on your TV. You can perform a reset on your TV by following our guides made for Samsung TVs, Vizio TVs, Hisense TVs, TCL TVs, Sharp TVs, and LG TVs.

Reset the Soundbar

If you feel that your TV is perfectly fine and have a donut with your Samsung soundbar, you might want to perform a hard reset on the device. The reset will erase any of the saved settings or paired devices that you might have contented to the soundbar via Bluetooth.

  1. Power of the soundbar
  2. Press and hold the Play/Pause button until the display says INIT OK.
  3. The Samsung soundbar will now be factory reset.
  4. Connect and plug the soundbar to see if it will play the audio and work as expected.

Update Samsung Soundbar Software

Yes, the Samsung Soundbars receive software updates. Not via OTA like how you’d update your Samsung TVs, but you’d have to manually install the updates. You can follow these steps to download and install the update for your Samsung soundbar.

  1. On your PC, launch your favorite web browser.
  2. Now, head over to the official Samsung Download page.
  3. Navigate through TVS and  Home Theaters, followed by Home Theaters and finally Soundbars.
  4. Select the model of your soundbar over here.
  5.  You will now be able to download the updated file for your soundbar.
  6. Copy the downloaded update file to a USB drive.
  7. Plug the USB drive into your soundbar and switch it on.
  8. Change the source on your soundbar to USB.
  9. The soundbar will automatically install the firmware update
  10. Once the update has been completed, check and see if the soundbar works and is able to play audio from the source it is connected to.

Get the Soundbar Serviced

Even if after all of these troubleshooting methods your Samsung soundbar refuses to work, you might want to get it checked and replaced if it’s under the warranty period. In case it isn’t, you can still check and see if the device can be repaired and if it is economical to repair the soundbar. If not, you can always go ahead and get yourself a newer soundbar from either Samsung or maybe any other manufacturer for a change.

Closing words…

This concludes the guide on how you can fix a Samsung Soundbar that is not working. If you have got questions or queries, feel free to leave them below. Also, you can share your workarounds to fix the soundbar if you have ever had a similar issue with the audio not playing from your Samsung soundbar.

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