How To fix PS4 Controller keeps Disconnecting from PC [7 Methods]

PC Gaming has come a long way, thanks to a wide selection of games that are available to play. Mouse, Keyboard, Steering Wheels, Yokes, Controllers, and Joypads are input devices used for gaming. The Controllers are one of the most popular ones be it from an Xbox or the PlayStation 4. While the PS4 controller works great on PS4, it can cause problems on PC like disconnecting every time. Don’t worry here you will know how to fix PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from PC.

While the Xbox controllers will work fine on the PC out of the box, PS4 controllers are problematic. In order to use the PS4 controller on PC, you need to connect it correctly with the use of the right drivers. We have listed out troubleshooting methods as well as solutions to fix the PS4 controller disconnecting from your PC.

Reasons Why PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from PC

Here are three common reasons why the PS4 controller disconnects from your Windows PC.

1. Bluetooth Drivers

If you don’t have the latest updated version of your Bluetooth drivers, then you can expect the controller to automatically disconnect mid-game from your PC. Also, if your PC’s Bluetooth settings aren’t configured properly, it can be another reason for the PS4 controller disconnecting from your PC.

2. Software Issues

As stated earlier, PS4 controllers don’t work out of the box for PC and are usually not supported for PC. However, you could make use of the PS4 software to make the controller function. If the software goes a bit glitchy, then there are possibilities of the PS4 controller getting disconnected from PC.

3. Defective Controller

Damages are bound to happen if a device is not being taken care of. If the PS4 controller is being mishandled or abused in such a way that it ceases to function normally. This can be a reason why the controller decides to disconnect from your PC.

Methods to Fix PS4 Controller keeps Disconnecting from PC

So now that you know why the PS4 controller disconnects automatically, let’s take a look at a few troubleshooting methods to resolve such an issue.

1. Making use of the right software

For the PS4 controller to work on a PC you will have to make use of the DS4 software. What this software does is emulates the input controls that help the game or software to easily understand it. It’s always best to have the latest version of this software to keep the controller from misbehaving. Of course, there are certain limitations to using the software such as being on the latest version of Windows 10 and having NET Framework 5.0 installed as well. You can download the DS4 software from here.

2. Having the latest Bluetooth drivers

It’s always best to have the latest version of anything and everything as it helps to avoid unwanted issues and errors. Now to make sure you have the latest Bluetooth drivers, simply do the following:

  • Press the Windows Key which takes you to the Start menu
  • In the search box type in “Device Manager” and hit enter.
  • Once the Device Manager window opens, search for Bluetooth and click on the small arrow that is towards its left.
  • Select your Bluetooth drive, right-click it and select Update to fix ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc
  • It will now ask how to search for the latest drivers, click on the search automatically for drivers.
    how to fix ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc
  • The device manager will now search for the drivers. If found it will download and install the latest drivers.
  • You might have to restart your PC to complete the installation.

Now, your controller will not automatically disconnect from your PC.

3. Resetting the PS4 controller

Resetting the PS4 controller should help as it will remove any configuration files for the PS4 if you have previously used the controller with it. Follow this method to reset your PS4 controller.

how to fix ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc
  • Have a safety pin or a sim ejector tool handy with you.
  • Look for the top right screw at the rear of the controller. You will see a small hole that says reset.
  • Now take the pin or sim tool and gently press the reset button for a few seconds.
  • Once you’ve done that, simply press the PlayStation button on the controller to turn it on and pair it with your PC.

4. Re-pair your controller to the PC

Just like how you would restart a few gadgets to get them working properly, simply unpair the controller from your PC. To pair it again follow these steps

  • Open the Settings app on your PC
  • Click on Devices and select Bluetooth
  • Now turn the toggle ON to enable Bluetooth and click on the add Bluetooth device.
    how to fix ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc
  • Here click on Everything else when it asks you to search for a particular device.

To enable the pairing mode on your PS4 simply press the PlayStation button and Share button simultaneously. This will enable the pairing mode on the PS4 controller. Now on your PC, you should be able to find your PS4 controller. Simply select it to pair with your PC.

5. Check if the controller is working

Sometimes there could be an issue with the controller and you might not be able to figure it out right away on your PC. The best bet is to connect it to a PS4 launch a game and check if the buttons are working fine. By doing this way you will also know if the controller pairs easily with the PS4 or not and if it automatically disconnects. If there are no issues then it’s safe to say the controller is working fine and you won’t have to get it serviced or buy a new one.

6. Check is the wires are damaged

If you have been using the controller with the cables plugged in and not buy Bluetooth then a cable inspection is what you should do. Check to see if the cable doesn’t have any frayed ends or any cuts and slices in between. Also, if you store your cables by rolling them tightly, this can cause the internal wires to get damaged. If there are damages, use another cable and see if the controller works fine.

If there is no issue with your cable, then there could a possible fault with your PC’s USB ports. Check for any damages or connect other devices to see if the port is functioning as expected. If not, then there could a malfunctioning port and it would be best to plug into another USB port.

7. Checking controller battery level

If you use the controller via Bluetooth then it could also be possible that a low battery charge could be the cause of automatic disconnections. Charge the PS4 with the included USB cord and then once fully charged it should be working normally.

Final Words

If at all none of the above methods have actually worked for you, then the best bet is to take it to an authorized service center whether it is in warranty or not. Also, in any case do not disassemble the PS4 controller on your own as this may void the warranty and the service center might refuse to work on your controller as well. If any of the above methods prevented the PS4 controller from disconnecting from your Windows 10 PC then do let us know below in the comment section.

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