Samsung TV has No Sound [10 Easy Fixes]

Samsung TVs are very popular for many reasons. Although Samsung TVs are great, they’re still tech devices, which means they can run into problems. One common problem faced by many Samsung TV owners is No Sound issue, where the video plays seamlessly but without audio. If you are also experiencing No Sound issue on Samsung TV, this fix guide is for you.

In today’s article, we will walk you through the various troubleshooting methods that you can follow to fix Samsung TV No Sound issue. It does not matter what type and model of Samsung TV you have; you can follow these troubleshooting methods to resolve this issue. Read on to check them out.

How to Fix Samsung TV has No Sound Issue

If you are looking for various troubleshooting methods to fix the no sound on Samsung TV, you can follow easy fixes mentioned below.

Restart Your Samsung TV

One of the most common troubleshooting methods that everyone follows is restarting or rebooting the device. In this case, all you need to do is grab the remote and press the power button to switch it off. Wait for a few seconds and then turn it on. The other way you can restart the TV is by unplugging it from its power source and then waiting for a few minutes to plug it back again.

Once you have the TV powered up again, you can then test and see if there is any audio output coming from your TV. Its highly possible that you may have already tried this method, but if not, you can try it.

Check the Volume or Mute Status

If the Samsung TV has a picture on the screen but no sound, there is a high chance that you have mistakenly pressed the Mute button on the remote. In this case, just press the Mute button on the remote or increase the volume.

Also check the volume of connected Audio Device.

How to Fix No Sound Issue on Samsung TVs

Check the Input Setting

Another thing you need to check is the input setting of your TV because if the input source is set to a component you don’t have, you will not hear the audio from the speaker. Just press the Source button on the remote control and set the correct source. You can check this guide to know how to change Input Source.

Check for Connected Audio Device

You should also check if there is an Audio device connected to the audio jack of your Samsung TV or not. If something is plugged into the jack or connected a device via Bluetooth, you will not hear the sound from the TV but see the picture. Disconnect any audio device and check again. If there is nothing plugged into the headphone jack, check the port for scrap and clean it if there is anything.

How to Fix No Sound Issue on Samsung TVs

Disconnect All Devices

Sometimes, there can be some interference between the connected devices and your Samsung TV, which can result in issues with the audio or no audio whatsoever. So, remove or unplug the devices one by one and check if you can get audio playback working on your TV. Now, connect the devices one by one.

Set Sound Output to TV Speaker

If you are using an external soundbar, you can try setting the sound output of your Samsung TV to the TV speaker, as the external soundbar or speaker might have some problems or get defective. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings.

Step 2: Select Sound > Sound Output.

Step 3: Set it to the TV Speaker.

Samsung TV No Sound Issue

Once done, check if you can hear the TV’s sound or not. If yes, the problem is not related to the TV but to the external soundbar or speaker.

Perform a Sound Test

When you feel like there are some audio problems or issues with your Samsung TV, you can make use of the sound test program that is present on most Samsung TVs. Here’s how you can perform a sound test on a Samsung TV.

Step 1: Power on your Samsung TV.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings and then choose Support > Device Care.

Samsung TV No Sound Issue

Step 3: Select the Self-Diagnosis option.

Samsung TV No Sound Issue

Step 4: Under Self Diagnosis, choose the Sound Test option.

Samsung TV No Sound Issue

Step 5: The TV will now begin the sound test. If it states that there is some sort of issue, you will have to reset the sound.

Reset Sound on Samsung TV

Another easy fix that you can try if your Samsung TV has no sound. You can reset the Sound settings to factory default that can help fix the no sound issue.

Step 1: First take picture of Sound Settings or note them down as this will set the Sound settings to the default options.

Step 2: Open Settings and navigate to Settings > Sound > Expert Settings

Samsung TV No Sound Issue

Step 3: Here select Reset Sound that will be at the last.

Samsung TV No Sound Issue

Once done, you can check if the sound is now coming or still broken.

Check for Software Updates

Another reason why your Samsung TV has no sound is that there could be some sort of bug or flaw in the software. So, updating the software should be the go-to troubleshooting method. We have a guide that explains to you in detail how to update the software on your Samsung TV.

Set the Correct Language/Region

While it may sound weird to you, some users have reported that correcting the language and region settings helps them fix the issue. Here’s how you can check and correct it:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings on your TV.

Step 2: Look for the Language option. Each TV model has a different option; you need to locate this setting. It can be found in Settings > General & Privacy > System Manager.

Samsung TV No Sound Issue

Step 3: Once you are there, make sure it sets to the correct one.

While you can easily change the language of your Samsung TV, changing the region is not easy. You need to reset Smart Hub first, and then during re-setup you need to change the Region. To reset smart hub go to Settings > Support > Device Care > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub.

Samsung TV No Sound Issue

Factory Reset Your TV

If none of the above troubleshooting methods have worked for you, the best you can do is perform a factory reset. Sometimes, a factory reset can help solve the issues you might be facing with your Samsung TV.

However, you need to note that when you perform a factory reset, all of your data, downloaded apps, as well as custom settings from your TV will be erased. So, in this case, take a picture of the custom settings on your phone before you proceed to reset your Samsung TV. Various Samsung TVs have different steps to format the TV. You can follow this guide that shows you how to perform a factory reset for any Samsung TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Samsung TV Sound Not Working?

There could be various reasons why your TV’s sound is not working. Some common reasons are incorrect settings, muted volume, external speakers that are not connected properly, and others.

How Do I Get Sound Back on my Samsung TV?

There are different troubleshooting methods that you can try to get sound back. Firstly, increase the volume, restart the device, and if it does not work, check out other methods listed above in the article.

How Do I Restore my Sound Settings?

You can easily restore your Samsung TV’s sound settings. To do so, navigate to Settings > Sound > Expert Settings or Volume Mixer. Finally, choose Reset Sound to complete the reset process.

These are fixes you can try for No Sound on Samsung TV issue. If for whatever reason the issue cannot be resolved, your best bet is to either take it to the service center and have it repaired or you could simply connect external speakers to your TV to enjoy the audio output.

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