How to fix Apple AirPods Case Not Charging [8 Easy Ways]

Apple AirPods can be classified as one of the best truly wireless earphones that are available in the market. Of course, they are a bit on the pricey side as compared to other brands. The features as well as the sound quality are what makes the Apple AirPods stand out from the rest. Plus, the AirPods carrying case acts as a power bank and a charging block for the AirPods. Now as it is in the case of all electronics, the AirPods case might not be able to charge due to some reasons. In this guide, we cover all the ways you can use to fix your AirPods case not charging.

Now, the AirPods case is quite useful since it acts as a power bank for the AirPods, if they ever run out of battery. And, since the only way to charge the AirPods is either wired or wireless, you need to have the AirPods case with you. While there have been a few issues with the AirPods and its case having issues with charges, flaws in showing battery percentage, taking too long to charge AirPods (Pro), or sometimes it could be a software update that could be causing such glitches. Whatever the reason may be, this guide aims to provide you a solution to why the AirPods case might not be charging.

Ways to Fix AirPods Case Note Charging

There are simple solutions that you can follow which can help fix the AirPods case not charging issue.

how to fix airpods case not charging

Check USB Cable

The USB charging cable is always prone to damages, slices, or even cuts. And, it’s quite normal for such things to happen to any USB charging cable. You can check if your cable has some damages of any sort. If there are no damages and you still are not able to charge the AirPods case, it could be that the cable is dead. The best bet here is to try it with another cable to see if it is a cable issue or an issue with the AirPods itself. If it is an issue with the cable, you can always purchase a new one from the Apple Store online or maybe get a third-party one that officially supports charging your AirPods case.

Check Wall Adapter

If you are charging the AirPods case through the wall adapter and the case is charging slowly or not at all, then, it could be time to buy a new wall adaptor. They could be reasons why it could be an issue with the wall adapter. It could be the reason that the adaptor may not be powerful enough to power the AirPods case or it may just be a faulty one. Either way, you can always plug the cable into a compatible wall adapter to see if it charges. If there are no issues with the spare adapter well, it’s time to turn the wall adapter into the service center provided it is within the warranty period, or else simply go get a new compatible wall adapter from any trusted online store.

Clean the AirPods case

Electronics are prone to catching dust in the ports and other sensors on the device. Cleaning up the device especially its ports could fix the AirPods case not charging issue. To clean the ports, simply take a cotton swab or a cloth and clean the case and the ports. It is best if you use a dry cloth and take gentle care while cleaning them. Dust or even lint from clothes, while the AirPods case is in the pockets, could enter the ports and block the connectors.

Install latest updates

Now, gadgets have issues, especially on the software part. There could be a bug that could not be allowing the AirPods case to charge up right away. In this case, the best thing you could do is to check for updates. You can use your mobile phone or your desktop to download and install the latest updates. The new updates will surely help in solving and fixing out many of the issues, the charging one included.

Reset your AirPods case

Now, sometimes, an update could always bring in new features and better performance, but you will also find new issues or bugs that might crop up. Now, the best way to find a fix for all of this is to simply go-ahead factory reset the AirPods case or AirPods Pro case. To reset the Airpods case, simply. press and hold the setup button on the case. When the light color changes from amber to white release the setup button. Your AirPods case has now been reset. Of course, you will have to pair them again, but it is not a big deal if the reset has fixed your problem, right?

Avoid Extension Cords to charge AirPods case

Extension cords are great and come in handy when you want to charge or plugin multiple devices when you have access to only a single wall socket. Now, since the power is being shared with other devices that have been plugged in, it could be possible that the AirPods case is not receiving enough power to charge itself. The best thing you could do is directly plug the AirPods into a wall socket, or just disconnect other devices from the extension cord. Sometimes, there could be a fault in the extension cord as well and a replacement would work perfectly fine.

Replace AirPods case

Even if after following the above methods, your AirPods case doesn’t seem to charge at all. The only best solution to this is to get it replaced at the Apple Store if it is under the warranty period, or else, you might have to look for a new case, which can sometimes be a bit difficult since Apple doesn’t sell replacement cases at all.

Return your AirPods

Now if you are a hundred percent sure that your AirPods and their case is totally faulty, you can simply go to the Apple Care store and replace them within the warranty period. They will check the device and if they find that it actually has issues, they will issue you with a brand-new device altogether.


It is always best to care of your devices, using the correct charging devices, keeping them clean, and storing them in a proper and safe environment are some of the ways your device will not lose the ability to charge. We hope this guide has helped you in finding a solution as to why your AirPods case not charging.

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