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How to Find WiFi Password on Mac (Two Methods)

Want to share your WiFi password with visitors or friends, but then suddenly, you get to know that you don’t remember the password. Well, if you don’t remember your WiFi password, then you can find from the WiFi admin page or a computer either running on macOS or Windows. Here in this guide, you will know how to find WiFi password on Mac.

Well there’s a catch, you can only find WiFi password on macOS if you have connected to WiFi earlier and exist in your saved WiFi list. You can also find the password of your WiFi on Windows PCs. But here we will be discussing the guide for macOS only. On Windows, we can easily check the WiFi password with a few CMD commands. But for macOS, the methods are different. How to find wifi password on Mac

It happens many times after not using the password for a long time because the computer automatically connects to WiFi if you have saved it. And it can happen to anyone because no one wants to keep entering the same password every time as we have the option to save the WiFi network. And if you also forgot your WiFi password but you want to share it with your friends or visitor, then this guide will save you a lot of time.

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How to Find WiFi Password on macOS

When we connect our computer to WiFi and save it for later to connect automatically. It saves WiFi data, including the password. And so with a few methods, we can pull the password in case if you don’t remember. Here in this guide, we will share two ways to find your WiFi password from Mac. The first method that we are going to share is using the Mac Terminal. And in the second method, we will share a guide to find your WiFi password on Mac using Keychain.

The advantage of mentioning two methods is that you can go with the method that suitable for you. The only condition for following the first method is you must be connected to the WiFi, or it is saved on your Mac. So let’s walk you through the first guide.

Steps to Find WiFi Password on Mac using Terminal

Similar to Windows computers, the macOS also comes with its terminal that allows us to enter commands for various purposes. And using the terminal, we can also see the WiFi Password of any saved WiFi connection. Following this method will let you find WiFi password on Mac without Keychain. The terminal is a Command Line Tool for Mac that allows us to control system using commands. It is a short and easy method to check WiFi password on Mac.

  1. First make sure to check the full and correct name of the WiFi. You need to know the password.
  2. Now open the Terminal on your Mac (You can search for Terminal in Spotlight).
  3. Once the Terminal window opened on your Mac, enter the below command.
    • security find-generic-password -ga WIFI NAME | grep “password:”
  4. In the above command, make sure to replace WIFI NAME with your correct WiFi name.
  5. After entering the command, it will ask for authorization, so enter administrator username and password and click on Allow.
  6. And when you hit allow, it will show your WiFi password.

Actually, this process pulled the password from the Keychain indirectly without the need to open Keychain. In case if the above method didn’t work or just want to check the other method, then try the below process.

Steps to See WiFi Password on Mac using Keychain

Mac is a powerful system because of its unique features and various security measures. And one of the security features is the Keychain, which protects and stores all your passwords in one place. It means you do not have to install any third party software.

  1. Open the Keychain Access utility tool on your Mac (You can search for it on Spotlight search).
  2. Under Keychain Access, you will find the System section, so open it.
  3. And under Category in System, open the Passwords section.
  4. It will list all the WiFi names and so check for your WiFi name and open it.
  5. When you open the WiFi, it will show its attributes. Now mark the ‘Show Password’ option.
  6. It will ask for permission, and you need to enter your admin username and password.
  7. It will now show the password of your WiFi on Mac.

And now, you can share your WiFi password with your friends and visitors. There are many other ways to check your WiFi password on Mac, like login to WiFi router or use a third party app. Third party apps like 1Password or others are also a good option for storing all your passwords.

So there you have it the complete guide on how to find your WiFi password on Mac. I will close this guide here, and if you have any queries, then let us know in the comment section.

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