How to Enable Nearby Share on Google Chrome

The Nearby Share from Google is the new AirDrop competitor but for Android phones. It is a new Android feature from Google that allows us to share files between devices in a simple way like AirDrop on iOS. In the early access to this feature, Google introduced it with a different name ‘fast share’. This has been now renamed to Nearby Share and now rolling out to Android phones. But here we will share how to enable Nearby Share on Computer using Google Chrome browser.

There are already many guides to enable Nearby share on Android phones which include updating play services or opting for Play Services beta in PlayStore. But now Google is already rolling out this feature to the public and all you need is to update Google Play Services.

Nearby Share is a great feature that Android users are missing whereas iOS users already have AirDrop that makes sharing content easier with other devices. And Google released the Nearby Share feature for the same function but to Android users. If you haven’t got the feature on your phone then check for various methods to try it on your phone. It is a great addition to Android phones after a long time. And on top of it, you can also enable the Nearby Share on your Google Chrome Browser.

How to Enable Nearby Share on Desktop

If you are here from search results then I guess you must be aware of the Nearby Share and how it works for sharing contents between two devices. But in case if you don’t know about this feature then here is a short description that might help you to understand Nearby Share better. How to Enable Nearby Share on Google Chrome

Nearby share allows users to share content such as Photos, Documents, and other files securely between Android devices. It works offline as well as online and it uses Bluetooth, WiFi, WebRTC, etc for sharing content.

I hope you are now well aware of the latest Nearby Share feature. From now on you don’t have to use third-party apps for all these transfer work.

But here in this guide, we will focus on how to get Nearby Share on Google Chrome. The feature is already available on the ChromeOS based PCs but not in other OS. The traces of Nearby Share feature found in Google Chrome which means it is not far when you will be able to share files between your phone and PC with the help of Nearby Share. You can easily enable it on your Google Chrome browser on any OS like Windows or macOS.

And here we are going to share the guide to enable Nearby Share on your computer. But as for now, Nearby Share is not working through Google Chrome. But it is available in Flags and it means we can get the feature working very soon. So enabling this feature will allow you to experience it as soon as it lands on Google Chrome.

Steps to Enable Nearby Share on Google Chrome

  1. Open experiment page on your Google Chrome (Enter chrome://flags/).
  2. The above link will open the required page where you will find the list of available flags.
  3. Search for Nearby and it will show the ‘Nearby Sharing’ that we are looking for.
  4. Now in the drop-down menu select the ‘Enabled’ option. How to Enable Nearby Share on Google Chrome
  5. Once you enable it, Chrome will show a popup to relaunch the Browse for changes to take effect.
  6. So relaunch your Browser to completely enable the Nearby Sharing feature.

If you noticed the description of the Nearby Sharing flag, they mentioned that it will work on Desktop Google Browser on various OS including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Once we are able to use Nearby Share on Google Chrome then we don’t need to use USB cable or any third-party apps for sharing files. It will be a great feature that we think Google must include soon.

So are you using the Nearby Sharing feature on your Android? If yes then how much you are going to rate it and will it take on Apple’s AirDrop feature. Let us know your opinions on Google’s Nearby Share feature.

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