How to Enable Guest Mode on Vision Pro

Apple’s first VR headset is now available as the Vision Pro. The first generation headset looks good and everyone wants to try it. As a Vision Pro owner, it’s natural for your friends and family to be curious and request to experience the headset for themselves. If you want to share Vision Pro with them, but don’t want them to see your data and activity, you can simply enable Guest Mode. Here you will learn how to enable guest mode on Vision Pro.

The Vision Pro experience is only complete with a good fit. And for a good fit, the Vision Pro comes with a Lite Seal that is customized to fit just one user. So if you’re sharing the Vision Pro with someone, they can try both the solo knit and dual loop bands. This will give them some options for adjustment.

Apple also sells Light Seals and head bands separately, but they cost a lot more. And there would be no point in buying them just to experience the Vision Pro a few times. Guest users can still enjoy the Vision Pro, but not with the optimal fit.

When sharing personal devices like smartphones, PCs, or other gadgets, data privacy is a paramount concern. To address this, most devices offer a guest mode feature, and the Vision Pro by Apple is no exception. It also comes with the option of Guest Mode. So if someone asks for your Vision Pro, you can share them with Guest Mode. And you can decide what they can and can’t access. So how to do that, let’s find out.

How to use Guest Mode on Vision Pro

  1. First close all apps on your Vision Pro. And open only those apps that your guest can access.
  2. Then Look Up and you will see a down arrow. Tap while looking at it.
  3. Now tap the Control Center icon.
    How to Enable Guest Mode on Vision Pro
  4. In the Control Center, tap on the Guest User option with the profile icon.
    How to Enable Guest Mode on Vision Pro
  5. Here you can choose between giving access to all apps or just the opened apps. Choose one based on your need.
    How to Enable Guest Mode on Vision Pro
  6. There’s also a mirror option that lets you see on a different device exactly what guests will see on Vision Pro. You can set it if required, otherwise you can leave it.
  7. Now tap the Start Button to begin the Guest Mode.
    How to Enable Guest Mode on Vision Pro
  8. You will have five minutes to give the Vision Pro to your guest. After 5 minutes, the guest mode will turn off if not in use.
  9. Once Guest User put on the device, they can press Digital Crown to initiate the Hand and Eye setup.
How to Enable Guest Mode on Vision Pro

After setup is complete, they can use the apps you opened for them. If you selected to allow all apps and data, then they can access all the apps.

Note: When you start Guest mode, and the Top button or Digital Crown button is pressed while the guest is not wearing the headset, Guest mode will be cancelled. So inform them to hold the Vision Pro by its sides to avoid accidentally pressing the button.

There is no need to turn off Guest Mode manually. When a Guest user removes Vision Pro and you wear it back, it will work normally as it remembers you. You also don’t have to do Eye and Hand tracking setup again.

What Guest Users Can Access?

As explained in the guide, you’ll have complete control over what you allow them to access. You can either open the apps you want to allow them to use, or you can give full access. But you can’t restrict content within the apps you open for them. For example, if you open the Apple Music app, they can access your playlists and everything else in the app.

Apple may introduce additional restriction features in future VisionOS updates, but for now users can control the apps that Guest can use, not the specific data within the app.

Apple Vision Pro is a new product that looks interesting, so anyone who knows you will not hesitate to ask to take a look at the Vision Pro system. And in most situations, you can’t even say ‘no’. So this guest mode will be useful in those situations.

So that’s all on how to use Guest Mode on Vision Pro. In case you have more queries, you can ask in the comment section.

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