How to Enable Car Crash Detection on Pixel Phones

Google has expanded the car crash detection feature’s availability on Pixel devices to five more countries, making it accessible to more users around the globe. For the unaware, Google initially introduced the car crash detection feature on the Pixel 4 in the US in 2019.

Today, you will learn what the feature is and how you can enable car crash detection on Pixel phones.

What is a Car Crash Detection Feature?

While Apple introduced the car crash detection feature with the launch of the iPhone 14 lineup in 2022, bringing the feature into the limelight, it has been available on Google Pixel phones for a while now.

As mentioned earlier, the feature was first introduced with the Pixel 4 in 2019, which prompts your device to automatically contact emergency services when it detects an accident like 911 in the US, 112 in India, and so on.

Once a crash happens, your phone will vibrate and play a sound. You can tap I’m OK or Emergency on your phone. If you tap I’m OK, it will contact emergency services. On the other hand, if you select Emergency or say Emergency, it will immediately contact emergency services.

If you fail to respond at all within 60 seconds, the phone will automatically contact emergency services to inform them about the car crash at your current location.

How Does Crash Detection Work on Pixel Phones?

Google Pixel’s car crash detection uses your phone’s location, nearby sounds, and motion sensors like an accelerometer, gyroscope, etc. to detect a possible severe car crash. To do the same, the feature requires your phone’s location, physical activity, and microphone permission.

If it detects that you’re involved in a crash, Android’s Emergency Location Service sends your location and crash data to emergency services.

While it looks so promising, Google warns users that it may not detect all the crashes accurately, and some activities could trigger the feature.

Furthermore, the phone might not be able to call emergency services in instances where you are on an ongoing call or have a weak network.

How to Enable Car Crash Detection on Pixel Phones

Now that you know what the feature is and how it works, let’s see how you can enable it on the supported devices. Before we proceed, make sure that your Pixel phone has a SIM card inserted in it and is in working condition. If yes, follow the below steps to turn the feature on:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Pixel phone.

Step 2: Tap on Safety & Emergency.

How to Enable Car Crash Detection on Pixel Phones

Step 3: Select Car crash detection from the given features.

How to Enable Car Crash Detection on Pixel Phones

Step 4: Finally, turn on the toggle for Car crash detection.

How to Enable Car Crash Detection on Pixel Phones

Enable the permissions for Personal Safety, Microphone, and Location permissions to turn on the feature.

Additionally, you can enable the feature using the Safety app. Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1: Open the app drawer and tap to open the Safety app.

Step 2: From the bottom, click on the Features tab.

Step 3: Scroll the list and tap on Car crash detection, then turn on the toggle next to it.

Finally, allow all the permissions to enable the feature.

Enable Emergency Sharing

After turning on the car crash detection feature, you will see an emergency sharing option, which you can also turn on. Once enabled, the phone will notify the emergency contacts of what’s happened and your location when it detects a crash.

Here’s how you can set it up:

Step 1: On the same page, turn on the toggle for Emergency Sharing.

How to Enable Car Crash Detection on Pixel Phones

Step 2: Tap on Emergency Sharing and click on Add contacts.

How to Enable Car Crash Detection on Pixel Phones

Step 3: Next, tap Add contacts and add contacts.

How to Enable Car Crash Detection on Pixel Phones

Step 4: On the Emergency sharing page, turn on the toggles for Emergency Call and Phone Call.

How to Enable Car Crash Detection on Pixel Phones

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any specific language that supports crash detection on Pixel phones?

Yes, the feature is currently accessible in only 11 languages, including Danish, Dutch, English, French, French (Canada), Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Which countries support Pixel car crash detection?

With the addition of five new regions in November 2023, the feature is now supported in 20 countries, which include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, and the US.

Do Pixel phones have Crash Detection?

Yes, Pixel phones have car crash detection features with which they can detect if you’ve had an accident and call emergency services. In addition to enabling crash detection, if you enable emergency sharing, it will also notify emergency contacts to let them know what’s happened and share your location.

Which Pixel phones support crash detection features in India?

In India, the car crash detection safety feature is only available on specific Pixel models, such as the Pixel 4a, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7 Series, Pixel 8 Series, and later series. In other countries, it is available in the Pixel 4a and all later models.

So, this is all about what the car crash detection feature is and how you can enable it on your supported Pixel phone. I hope the article helps you understand how the feature works and how to enable it.

Please share any additional inquiries related to the article in the comments section. Also, please share this information with your friends and family to let them know how they can turn on the safety feature.

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