How to Enable App Drawer on MIUI 12 without Third Party Launcher

The MIUI 12, which is the latest Xiaomi Custom UI, released recently, and the beta builds are already up for grabs. At the time of writing, the MIUI 12 beta is available in China, but soon it will be released globally. You can also install the MIUI 12 China Beta ROM if you are using a custom recovery. You must be aware of the MIUI 12 new features and improvements either from reviews or from practical use. There are many changes made in the UI or design of the OS. Out of all new amazing features, the app drawer is a feature in which many users must be interested. Here you will know How to Enable App Drawer on MIUI 12.

Most of the Xiaomi phone users were waiting for the App drawer feature on the MIUI. And finally, it is here with the latest MIUI 12. Xiaomi already provided this feature earlier on the Poco phone but not on all the Xiaomi phones. Users like to switch to third-party launchers as the default MIUI homescreen is not easy to use for many users. The good thing is that Xiaomi allows to unlock the bootloader, and users can flash Custom ROMs for other OS experience. Now let’s get into the guide.

How to Enable App Drawer on MIUI 12

We can easily install a third party launcher like Nova launcher to get the App drawer. But it takes some space and also the resources of our phones. And to provide a better experience, Xiaomi has extended the App drawer feature to all the Xiaomi phones with MIUI 12. With App drawer, it is easy to find apps as we can organize as we want, like in alphabetical order. You can follow the steps give below to get App Drawer on MIUI 12. How to Enable App Drawer on MIUI 12

Steps to Enable App Drawer on MIUI 12

  1. Make sure you are on the home screen of your phone.
  2. Now long tap on an empty area or pinch in to get more options.
  3. From the options, select Settings and then tap on More.
  4. It will show Home Screen settings and there select Home Screen option. How to Enable App Drawer on MIUI 12
  5. Now under home screen settings, you will get the Regular & App Drawer option. So select the ‘With App drawer’ option to enable App Drawer.
  6. That’s it, now it will enable the App Drawer on MIUI 12 that will work instantly without rebooting the device.

Now you can access the App drawer on your Xiaomi phone. It is the same as the app drawer on Poco phones. The Poco launcher is also available on the play store if you are using the MIUI 11 or lower. It makes everything easy and also looks clean, as the default MIUI homescreen looks bloated and heavy.

You can also customize the app drawer from the launcher settings according to your preferences. Use it as an alternative method in case of the first method doesn’t work. How to Enable App Drawer on MIUI 12

The big complaint from Xiaomi users was that the MIUI doesn’t come with App Drawer and so they have to use a third-party launcher to get it. But now we don’t have to use an external app as the app drawer is available on MIUI 12 for Xiaomi users, and you know how to enable it. The App Drawer comes with a unique layout that I like very much. In this, you can find different sections which contain a cluster of similar apps like communication, entertainment, photos, and more. And you can also change the App Drawer from horizontal scrolling to vertical scrolling.

So there you have it the complete guide on how to enable App Drawer on MIUI 12. In case if you have any questions let us know in the comment section below.

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