How to Edit Messages on WhatsApp (Officially)

WhatsApp has been a very useful app for users, especially on the cross-platform between Android and iPhone. The messaging app is owned by Meta, formerly known as Facebook. It comes with many useful features but still, there are some basic features that are missing like Edit Messages.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that the Edit Messages feature is now available on WhatsApp. Yes, you read that right, the Edit function is finally rolling out to WhatsApp. It will not be available instantly to all users, instead, it will take time till it is available to everyone just like other previous features. The last feature WhatsApp introduced was Chat Lock not too long ago.

WhatsApp gets Edit Feature

After an eternity, the edit feature which is a basic function that is already available on most messaging platforms is now available on WhatsApp as well. Meta CEO announces new feature on Facebook platform and WhatsApp blog.

The message says ‘You can now edit your WhatsApp messages up to 15 mins after they’re sent!’

Yes of course it’s WhatsApp so there will be a time limit which is also the case with deleting messages. But 15 minutes is enough time to make changes to messages that you sent incorrectly.

Apple also announced the Edit feature for iMessage back last year with iOS 16. And there is a time limit too.

How to Edit Messages on WhatsApp

Now that WhatsApp finally gets the Edit messages function, you don’t have to worry about little mistakes in your text. But as this is a new feature and will roll out for everyone after some time, you may need to check how the edit feature work on WhatsApp. Here’s how:

How to Edit Messages on WhatsApp
  1. On WhatsApp, open the group or individual chat where you want to edit your message.
  2. Now long tap to select the message you want to Edit. You can only make changes to messages within 15 minutes after they are sent.
  3. Now in the Menu you will see a new Edit icon, tap it.
  4. Now make the changes that you want to send and tap the correct button.

The message will be edited instantly. The message you edited will have the Edited tag that will be visible to everyone. Don’t worry they will not see your old mistake.

It is unknown how many times we can edit the same message under those 15-minute time limits. If you get the feature early, let us know if there is a limit to how many times we can change the message.

This is a most awaited feature which will definitely come in handy since we are very likely to make mistakes when sending messages quickly especially when we are confident in our typing. This feature could also save you from trouble if you send a wrong message that you weren’t supposed to, yes there is a Delete feature but that’s for a different situation.

For WhatsApp Users:

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