How to create and use Passkey to sign into Google Account

Are you having trouble remembering your Google Apps password? If yes then you are not the only one, so don’t worry it is a common problem. But now you don’t need to enter your password to sign into your app and websites that use a Google account. You can sign in to your account using Passkey. Here you will know how to use Passkey with Google accounts.

Google begin rolling out Passkey for Google Accounts. This will make the sign-in process much easier and safer. The passkey data is stored only in your device and not in the cloud which makes it more secure. And you don’t need to enter your password after you set up Passkey.

It is necessary to use strong passwords to make the account secure, but using hard passwords also makes them difficult to remember. Also, you cannot use a simple password that you can easily remember as it makes your account vulnerable. So in this case you can use a password manager, biometric authentication, or passkey.

Passkey is the most secure option for signing in to apps, websites, and other Google account-linked sources without using a password, which also makes it the easiest way to sign in. Passkey uses a fingerprint, face scan, or PIN from the device you set up with Passkey. Yes, you need to set up your device to use it as a login method.

Before we head to the method to set up passkey here are some requirements you need to follow.

Google Passkey Requirements

To use the Passkey for your Google accounts to login into apps and websites you need to have a supported device and software.

  • Laptop or desktop running Windows 10 or macOS Ventura and higher
  • Mobile device running iOS 16 or Android 9 and higher
  • A hardware security key that supports the FIDO2 protocol
  • The device must have screen lock enabled

Once you have a supported device you need to ensure the device supports these browsers:

  • Chrome 109 or up
  • Safari 16 or up
  • Edge 109 or up

Note: If you set up a device as your Passkey for your Google account, apps and website will no longer ask for password and you will be able to sign in using your registered device. So make sure to only setup only personal devices and not those used publicly. Simply put if someone is able to unlock your phone they can also open apps and websites that ask for your Google account.

How to Create Passkeys for Google Accounts

  1. Open on your device.
  2. Login to your Google account if it asks. The page will show Automatically created passkeys. If you have an Android phone signed into your account then that device might have automatically added to passkeys. You can remove a device from the Manage devices option.
  3. If you want to use the automatically registered device, then just tap the Use Passkeys button.
    How to create and use Passkeys to sign into Google Account
  4. But if you want to register a device, then tap the ‘+ Create a passkey’ button.
    How to create and use Passkeys to sign into Google Account
  5. In the prompt, select Continue to proceed.
  6. Follow the onscreen steps to register the device as a passkey. On iPhone, you need to turn on iCloud keychain to add the iPhone as a passkey.
  7. You need to follow the same process for different devices that you want to add to the passkeys list. For security reasons only register your personal devices.

Once you set up a passkey, you can easily sign into apps and websites by using your lock screen method like fingerprint or lock pin.

If you want to sign in to a different device using your registered passkey device, then all you need to do is scan the QR code using the registered device.

How to create and use Passkeys to sign into Google Account

How to Remove Passkeys

If you want to sell your device or get a different one, you can easily remove the old device from the passkey list. This is also applicable if you lost your device which was registered for passkeys. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to and log in with your Google account.
  2. From the side menu go to the Security tab.
  3. Scroll down and open the Passkeys option.
    How to create and use Passkeys to sign into Google Account
  4. Here you can select the device and click on the X icon to remove it.
  5. In case you don’t see the X icon, click on Manage Devices.
  6. Select the Device and then Sign Out.
  7. If you see the same device multiple times, follow the same process to remove all from the list.

So this is how to create Passkeys along with how to remove devices from Passkeys list. Setting up passkeys will make thing easier while maintaining the security.

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