How to Create macOS Ventura Bootable USB Drive [Guide]

The new macOS 13 Ventura has been released and is now available as a developer beta. The OS does have a ton of new features and improved security. There are new features such as the stage manager, the ability to use your iPhone as a webcam, and even editing and undoing iMessages on a Mac system. Do you know that you can create a bootable USB drive for macOS 13 Ventura? Read on to know how to create macOS 13 Ventura bootable USB drive.

Now, you might ask, why would you want to create a bootable USB drive for macOS 13 Ventura? Well, there can be a number of reasons. First is when you might want to update a number of computers to the latest version. Downloading the update on each and every system is not an ideal solution. You might also want to have a bootable USB drive of macOS in case your Mac runs into some issues or has the field corrupted resulting in the OS no longer booting on your system. Now that you know why a macOS bootable drive is needed, read through this guide to know how to create one.

Create macOS Ventura Bootable USB Drive

Enroll the Developer Program

Now, if you are using one of the supported Mac systems that are able to run macOS 13 Ventura, it would be advisable to join the Apple Developer Program. All you need to do is pay up $99 and you will be now joining the Apple Developer Program. This program lets you get a lot of access to a ton of development tools and to beta releases of the OS.

Once you have joined the developer program, you can download the developer beta for macOS Ventura. All you need to do is visit the Apple Developer Program page and then navigate to the Download section. Over there, you will be able to see the macOS Ventura beta access utility. Download it and install the software on your Mac.

Once you have installed Beta Access Utility on your Mac, Launch System Preferences, and then Software Update. The beta version for macOS Ventura will now download to your system. Once the download is completed, it will display a prompt about installing the OS. You can click on Cancel. The downloaded OS file will be present in the Applications folder.

Plugin and Format USB Flash Drive

  1. Get a 16GB USB drive and connect it to your Mac.
  2. Open the Disk Utility program and choose GUID Partition Map and MacOS X Extended (Journaled).
  3. Now, change the name Installer and finally click on Erase.

How to make macOS Ventura USB Installer Disk

Now that you have the USB drive as well as the macOS dmg file, it’s time to create the bootable USB drive. Here are the steps.

How to Create macOS Ventura Bootable USB Drive [Guide]
  1. Launch Terminal on your Mac. and plug in the USB Drive.
  2. Now,  you enter the command into Terminal.
    sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 13\ –volume /Volumes/MyVolume –nointeraction
  3. Press the Return key i.e. Enter Key on your keyboard.
  4. A prompt will be displayed asking you to enter the password of your Mac.
  5. Once the password has been neutered, the bootable USB Drive for macOS Ventura will be created.
  6. A message will be displayed stating that the process has been completed.

How to Install macOS Ventura with Bootable USB installer

You can now make use of the bootable USB installer for macOS Ventura. Now, depending on whether the Mac has an Apple Silicon chip or an Intel chip, the steps for both processors have been mentioned separately.

Using Bootable Drive on Apple Silicon

  1. Plug the bootable drive into your Mac. Ensure that your mac is powered off.
  2. With the drive plugged in, press and hold the power button till you see a screen that displays the multiple startup options window.
  3. All you need to do is to select the volume that has the bootable installer.
  4. Now, click on continue.
  5. The installer screen for macOS Ventura will be displayed. You can now progress with the setup and install macOS Ventura on your Mac.

Using Bootable Drive on Intel Processors

  1. Plug the USB drive into the Mac that is powered off.
  2. Now, as soon as you switch your mac on, you must press and hold the Option key.
  3. Once a dark screen displaying the bootable drives shows up, release the Option key.
  4. Select the volume that has the bootable drive.
  5. Press the Return key and choose the language.
  6. You have to now click on Select macOS from the Disk Utility window.
  7. And finally, click on Continue. The instructions to set up your macOS Ventura will be displayed on your screen.


And this is how you can create a bootable USB drive for macOS 13 Ventura. The process is simple and shouldn’t take you a lot of time. Following the steps correctly will help you create the bootable USB drive without any problems. Also, you create the bootable drive for macOS Ventura with e public beta that is usually released in the month of July.

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If you’re facing any issues while sideloading the new OS, then you can let us know in the comment section. Also, share this guide with your friends.

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