How to connect Vizio Soundbar to TV [4 Methods]

Soundbars are great devices that can be used to amplify or increase your audio experience. You can have surround sound, immersive audio, or even 3D sound setups based on your requirements. Vizio just how it has its TVs also manufactures soundbars. These soundbars are priced right and are quite useful for home use. There is a wide range of soundbars available. Some come with a single bar whereas some come with a subwoofer and a set of mini-tower speakers. Read on to know how to connect Vizio soundbar to TV.

You can use soundbars to have a better audio experience while watching a movie, listening to music, or watching a game. With soundbars, you will be able to adjust various aspects of sound such as the bass, treble, and surround effects. You also have different EQ modes available that you can switch to based on the room and content that you watching. Vizio soundbars can be connected to a TV in different ways. Here is how you can connect a Vizio Soundbar to a TV.

Connect Vizio Soundbar to TV


  • SPDIF cable
  • RCA Cables
  • HDMI ARC cable
  • Vizio Soundbar via Bluetooth and remote

Connect Vizio Soundbar to TV via Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth is one of the best and fastest ways to connect devices. This is the best as it eliminates the need for any kind of cables and these devices can be paired to almost any Bluetooth device.

  • Plug the Vizio Soundbar into its power outlet and power it on.
  • Now, you can either press the Bluetooth button on the soundbar itself or the Soundbar’s remote.
    how to connect vizio soundbar to tv
  • This will now put the Vizio Soundbar into pairing mode.
  • You will have to add the Bluetooth soundbar to your TV.
  • This can be done by heading into Settings followed by Add Bluetooth devices. 
  • You can now search for the Vizio Soundbar and pair it with the TV.
  • If you have a Samsung Smart TV you can head here to see how to add a Bluetooth speaker to your Tv.
  • But, if you have TCL Smart TV, you can check this guide on how to add Bluetooth devices to it,
  • Usually, most TV brands will have similar settings and methods to pair a Bluetooth soundbar to the TV.

Connect Vizio Soundbar to TV via SPDIF cables

  • Take the SPIDF cables and handle them with care as they are fragile.
  • You might want to remove any covers that are there at both ends of the cable.
  • On your Soundbar, you will see a closed port with a few gaps at the edges. One end of the cable is connected here and the other end will be connected to your TVs SPIDF port.
  • Make sure the cables sit firmly onto the port.
  • Power on your soundbar and set the soundbar input to SPIDF. You can use the Soundbar’s remote to do so.

Connect Vizio Soundbar to TV via RCA cables

  • RCA cables will either have a red and yellow or red and white color on them.
  • Connect the cables to their respective colored ports on the Soundbar as well as to the TV.
  • With the cables firmly connected, power up the Vizio Soundbar.
  • Using the Soundbar remote, set the input to Aux.
  • Now, there are a few settings that you will need to do on your TV.
  • Open up the settings menu on your TV and select Audio
  • You will want to turn the internal speakers of your TV Off.
  • Also, adjust the Digital Audio and Audio analog out to Bitstream or Doly Audio and Fixed or Variable.

Connect Vizio Soundbar to TV via HDMI Arc Cables

If you have the HDMI output ports on your TV this method can be used perfectly to get the audio output to your Soundbar.

  • Plugin one end of the cable into your Soundbar. The cable will go in only one way.
  • Now connect the other end of the cable to the TVs HDMI Output port.
  • With the Soundbar connected and powered on, change the audio input source for your soundbar to HDMI.
  • Selecting HDMI will allow the audio transferred from the TVs HDMI port to your Vizio soundbar right away


Do note that you will have to check your TVs ports that will be at the sides or the back. This is important so that you will know what cables and methods you will be using to connect the Vizio Soundbar to the TV. Also, some Vizio Soundbars might not have all the audio input ports so, you will have to check these two things first before getting ready to connect the Vizio Soundbar to the TV.

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