How to connect Apple TV to Wifi Network [Guide]

Being able to connect to the internet has become the standard for a ton of modern electronic devices. Well, you can download and install the latest updates and even use the device to view content or stream any sort of media that they wish. The same can be said about smart TVs and for that matter even Apple TV devices. Well, they do come with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, so it makes sense to make the best use out of them. If you have just purchased or received an Apple TV device, here is a guide on how to connect Apple TV to WiFi network.

So why would you want to connect your Apple TV to WiFi network? Well, it’s not like you are going to make use of AirPlay to mirror all your content from an iPhone or iPad. Sometimes, watching and streaming content right off the big screen is a better option. You get to download a lot of apps that let you stream free or paid content. Read on to know how to connect an Apple TV to a WiFi network.

Connect Apple TV to a WiFi Network

Whether you have the older generation of Apple TV devices or the shiny new ones, you will find methods to connect to the WiFi for both kinds of devices. Let’s begin with the older ones first.

how to connect apple tv to wifi

How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi Network [Gen 3 and Older]

  1. Power up your Apple TV device.
  2. Make sure that the Wi network that you wish to connect to is working and, you know the password to it.
  3. Now, take your Apple TV remote and select the Settings app.
  4. With the Settings app open, select the General option.
  5. Under General, scroll and select Network.
  6. Now, the Apple TV will begin to look for Wireless Networks that are within its range.
  7. Select your WiFi network from the list.
  8. It will ask you to enter the network password. Enter it.
  9. You have now connected your Apple TV to the WiFi network.

How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi Network [Gen 4 and Newer]

  1. Switch your Apple TV on.
  2. Using the remote, select the Settings app on your Apple TV home screen.
  3. With the Settings app open, navigate, and select the Network option.
  4. Now, select the Connection sub-option.
  5. The Apple TV will begin to look for wireless networks around you.
  6. When you find your WiFi network, select it.
  7. It will ask you to enter the WiFi password.
  8. When you have entered the password, your Apple TV has successfully connected itself to your WiFi network.
  9. You can now download and sign in to apps to browse and enjoy your content online.


And this is how you can connect any generation of the Apple Tv to a WiFi network. The whole process should take you less than a minute. Now, if you are someone who has their internet router close by and has an ethernet cable, you can simply plug one end into the router and the other end in your Gen 3 and newer Apple TV device and get access to the internet. If you have any issues, you can simply drop a comment below.

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