How to close Apps on Apple TV [Gen 4 or newer]

Smart TVs have completely changed the way people watch their content at home. We have moved from just watching TV channels on cable to getting app-based streaming services and much more. You can also download and make use of free and paid apps for your TV.

While with most Smart TVs exiting an app will usually close it, for some like the Apple TV, it will simply close the app but have it running in the background. So, if you wish to know how to close apps on Apple TV, read on to know more.

Having apps running in the background is good. Why? Well, you will always have access to the app, and when you invoke it will open faster. But sometimes, that might not be the case for all apps. Some apps might not refresh themselves automatically while in the background or they might just become unresponsive. In such cases, it is required to close the app and re-launch it. This is a particular issue spotted on a lot of Apple TV devices. Here is a guide on how to force close apps on an Apple TV.

How to Close Apps on Apple TV

Now, depending on what generation of Apple TV devices you have, the method to close apps will be different. However, if you have an Apple TV Gen 3 or older, there is no need to forcefully close apps. Why? Simply because when you exit the app, the app gets closed as well and doesn’t stay in memory. If you have an Apple TV 4 or newer, follow these steps to close apps.

Steps to Close Apps on Apple TV 4 and newer

  1. If you have any app open on the Apple TV, press the Home button on the remote.
  2. You will be taken to the home screen of your Apple TV.
  3. Now, press the Home button on your remote twice.
  4. This will bring up the app switcher on your Apple TV
  5. Swipe on the remote’s touchpad to cycle through the apps in the app switcher.
  6. Highlight or navigate to the app that you wish to close.
  7. With the particular app selected, simply swipe up on the remote’s touchpad.
  8. This action will now close the app that was previously opened and was consuming the TV’s memory.
  9. Depending on the number of apps open, you can continue swiping up to close them all.
  10. You can get out of the app switcher screen by simply pressing the Hime button on your Apple TV remote.


And there you have it. The simple and easy way to close apps on an Apple TV Gen 4 or newer. While you can close all of the apps in the apps watcher, the main home screen cannot be closed. It is just the same way how you would close off apps on your iPhone or iPad, with no differences whatsoever. If you feel that an app has some issues, or TV is not being responsive, you can simply restart the TV or just perform a reset. It should help your Apple TV to function how it normally should.

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