How to Check Battery Health on Windows 10/11 [Check Health and History]

Are you curious to know about your Battery health on Windows Laptop? If Yes, you are at the right place. Here I will share some working methods to check battery health on Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC.

Battery is one of the important parts of Laptop. Not just laptop but it is also a crucial hardware for other devices like smartphones, smartwatches and more. It let you access the device and do your work for hours without connecting it to a power source.

But it’s important to know that the battery degrades overtime. This means at the starting you will get maximum battery life, but don’t expect the same performance after a year due to reduced battery capacity. It can reduce to half of what you were getting in the starting.

So it is best to keep an eye on your Battery health and take measures accordingly. Checking battery health on iPhone, Android phones is quite easy but can not say the same for Windows. However on Windows you can get detailed report of battery health.

There are multiple methods to check battery health on Windows Laptop. Let’s start with the default and the best method.

Check Battery Health on Windows 11 using Terminal

You can get the full battery health report using the PowerShell command. It gives the complete info about battery starting from the date you start using the product. So if you want to see the in-depth report of battery health all you need to do is execute one command.

Step 1: Right click on the Start Menu icon and then open Terminal (Admin). Admin access is required so select Yes in the prompt. You can open PowerShell or CMD but make sure to run them as Administrator.

How to check battery health on Windows

Step 2: Copy this command : powercfg /batteryreport. And paste the command in the Terminal. You can right click to paste the copied command.

Step 3: Press the Enter button and wait for the command to execute.

Step 4: Once the command execute, the report will be saved. You can see the file location in the Terminal or Powershell window.

How to check battery health on Windows 11

Step 5: Go to the mentioned location (location is in command window as above), and open battery-report.html file.

How to check battery health on Windows 11

In the webpage you can see all the information about your battery from the first day.

What information you can see in the Battery Health Report:

  • Battery Specification (manufacturer, serial number, design capacity, current capacity, charge cycle)
  • Last 3 days usage in detail
  • Battery usage in graph
  • Battery usage history from the day you started using the device (It will be in Week interval)
  • Battery Capacity history
  • Estimated battery life from the beginning to the end

My Experience: My laptop battery design capacity was 75,087 mWh but after nine months the battery capacity reduced almost to half of its original capacity. I was not following the recommended usage, so if you follow recommended points, you can preserve your battery life for long. I will leave some important points at the last.

Check Battery Health on Windows 11 using Third Party App

There are also many third party apps that show battery history and battery health information. In case the above methods doesn’t work, you can always try checking third party apps. The steps for each third part steps is going to be different but the base requirement is the same.

Step 1: Download the application from official website.

Step 2: Install the app on your PC. Here I am using BatteryInfoView which is a standalone app and it doesn’t require installation.

Step 3: Open the app and it will show various details. The amount of details could vary by apps you are using.

How to check battery health on Windows 11

In the BatteryInfoView from Nirsoft, these are the information available:

  • Battery Details like Name and Serial Number
  • Original capacity and the current battery capacity
  • Charge and discharge cycle
  • And few other details

As mentioned earlier, each app has different way of showing details.

How to Preserve Battery Health on Windows

To keep the battery health good even after many months you need to follow best practices that slows down battery degeneration.

  • Don’t charge your laptop more than 80%
  • Don’t let your Windows laptop battery drop less than 20%
  • Use the original charger to charge your laptop
  • Avoid overheating your Windows laptop

So this is all about how to check battery health on Windows 10 and Windows 11. If you have more to add to this, you can always share your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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