How to Change Wallpaper and Customize Xbox Dashboard

Being able to customize the look and feel of your device is a great way to make the device unique and also makes it easily identifiable as to who it belongs to. When it comes to Xbox consoles, Microsoft provides several customization options for personalization. If you are someone that wants to make their console look unique, this is the guide for you. customization, Microsoft lets you personalize and change a few things here and there on the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

In this guide, we will look at how you can easily change the wallpaper, adjust dashboard themes, and even change a few colors within the user interface of your Xbox dashboard. If you want to make such changes, you have come to the right place.

How to Customize Xbox Dashboard

Now let’s take a look at the different elements that you can customize on your Microsoft Xbox console. You can change the following elements on your Xbox console.

  • Profile Theme
  • System Theme
  • Xbox Background Wallpaper
  • Xbox Color

Change Background on Xbox Series X and Series S

Now, when it comes to your wallpaper or the background image for your Xbox console, there are multiple customization options available for you to choose from. Here is how you can get that sorted out.

  1. Grab your controller and press the Xbox button on it.
  2. Now, with the Guide on the screen, select Settings, then under the General section Personalization.
    How to Change Wallpaper and Customize Xbox Dashboard
  3. Under Profile and System, choose Settings followed by General and Personalization.
    How to Change Wallpaper and Customize Xbox Dashboard
  4. Here, you will have to choose the My Background option.
  5. Now you can choose the various options available such as Solid Color and game Art, Achievement Art,  Customized Image,  Screenshot, Dynamic Background, and finally Customized backgrounds.
How to Change Wallpaper and Customize Xbox Dashboard

Change Your Profile Theme on Xbox Series X and Series S

When you customize the profile theme, you will be making changes to the background of your profile page on your Xbox console. Follow these steps.

How to Change Wallpaper and Customize Xbox Dashboard
  1. Power up the Xbox console and press the Xbox button on your controller.
  2. With Guide open on your Xbox, navigate to Profile and System, and choose your profile picture.
  3. Now, select the My Profile option followed by Customize Profile and finally choose Change Theme.
  4. You will now be able to browse through the various themes that are available for your profile and console.
  5. Press the A button on the console to preview the theme. If you like the theme and want to apply it, press the Menu button on the console.

Change Theme on Xbox Series X and Series S

Here are the steps if you plan to change the theme for your Xbox gaming consoles. This setting lets you easily switch between light and dark modes on your Xbox. If you plan to set a scheduled theme, you can get that done as well.

How to Change Wallpaper and Customize Xbox Dashboard
  1. Grab the controller and press the Xbox button.
  2. With the Guide open, navigate and select the Profile and System option.
  3. Under the Profile menu, select Settings, followed by General, and finally Personalization.
  4. Now, choose the My Color and Menu option.
  5. When you see the System Theme option, you can choose between the light and dark mode themes.
  6. Alternatively, to change the theme automatically, you can simply choose the Scheduled option and set the timing according to what works best for you.

Solid Color and Game Art

You can choose this option if you simply want to go with a plain background. Simply choose from the multiple solid color options for your background. Or, if you want to simply show off the game that you are playing, select the Game Art option and you can choose from the various game art backgrounds.

Achievement Art

When you complete certain tasks, you unlock an achievement title or trophy. With regards to Xbox games, a lot of achievement unlocks come with a nice art background. If you like any of your achievements, you can easily select Achievement Art followed by the Gaming option. You can now browse and select the art that you like to set as your console’s background.

Customized Images

Apart from just choosing game art, achievement art, or solid colors, you can also easily add your own custom wallpaper. Whether you have downloaded it from elsewhere or taken a screenshot on your PC, you can easily apply such images as your wallpaper. Here is how.

  1. Copy the image to your USB drive and plug it into your Xbox console.
  2. Now, open the Customized  Image option from the My Background option.
  3. You will be able to see all the images that have been saved on your USB drive.
  4. Simply select the one that you like and set it as your background wallpaper.

In-Game Screenshots

If you play a game that lets you take a ton of lovely screenshots, you can use those screenshots as your console’s background wallpaper. Here is how you can set a screenshot as your console background.

  1. Select the Screenshots option from the My Background option.
  2. Here you can browse all screenshots taken on your Xbox console.
  3. Once you have found the screenshot, choose More Options followed by Background and finally choose Set Background.

Dynamic backgrounds

Dynamic Backgrounds are a feature exclusive to the Series X and S. Thai lets you have a different wallpaper that changes within a certain time. These wallpapers are usually available with limited or special hardware that is plugged into your Xbox. or, it could also be available with the special or limited edition console. To apply Dynamic Wallpapers, do the following

  1. Under the My Background option, choose Dynamic Wallpapers.
  2. Now, select the background art that you like.
  3. Finally, select the Apply option.
  4. You have now applied the Dynamic Wallpaper to your Xbox console.

Download Images From The Internet

Your Xbox gaming console comes with the Microsoft Edge web browser. Using the browser, you can easily search for a nice background art by pressing the Menu button and finally choosing the Set as Background option.

Change Your Tile Colors on Xbox Series X and Series S

The final customization option that you can do on the Xbox is to change the colors of the tiles. Here are the steps to change those colors.

How to Change Wallpaper and Customize Xbox Dashboard
  1. Grab the controller and press the Xbox button to reveal the guide.
  2. From the Guide, navigate and choose the Profile and System option.
  3. Choose Settings, followed by General, then Personalization, and finally Color and Theme.
  4. Selecting the My Color option will now display the various color options that you can choose to set as your console’s tile color.

This concludes the Xbox guide on how you can easily change the wallpaper, and customize various other elements with ease. The added option of choosing game art and achievement art as your background is an added plus for the Xbox consoles.

If you have questions or queries, feel free to leave them below.

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