How to Change Primary Account on Chromebook [Guide]

In this guide, we’re going to tell you how to change primary account on Chromebook.

Google has its hands in almost everything. From services to browsers, smartphones to smart speakers, wide-range of OS, and now even laptops. Google calls their laptops – Chromebook. Chromebooks are built on top of Chrome OS, an internet-connected OS that functions just like a regular OS, but, makes the most out of Google services and the ability to install Google Apps right of the Play Store. Chromebooks are used by a large number of people be it at schools and offices. People even use it for their own personal uses.

Now like regular Windows or Mac laptops, the main owner of the laptop will have his account signed in as the main account. It’s the same for Chromebooks, just that you use a Google account to do the sign-in. Now there could be many reasons as to why you as a Chromebook owner, might want to change the main or primary account.

An owner of a Chromebook is basically like an administrator that has all the main controls over the Chromebook. An owner is someone who can manage sign-in permissions, manage various networks that the Chromebook will connect to, adjust time zones, manage system channels and even check out usage details and crash statistics. If a Chromebook requires you to enter a password to make system setting changes or install apps, this is all being controlled by the owner of the Chromebook.

Maybe you might be handing the Chromebook to someone else in your family or maybe you might just want to sign out from a public system or maybe even just to sell the Chromebook. Look no further away as we have a step-by-step guide as to how to change primary account on Chromebook. Let’s get started.

Change Primary Account in Chromebook [Steps]

  1. Log in with the Owner’s credentials in the Chromebook.
  2. Now head over to settings.
  3. Select Advanced and click on Reset Settings.
    how to change primary account on chromebook
  4. Now, click on Powerwash and then click on Reset to proceed.
    how to change primary account on chromebook
  5. All data relating to the owner’s account will be erased.

Once the system restarts, simply log in with a new account that you would want to make as the primary account for the Chromebook. Once you’ve been able to change the primary account, that’s person’s account is signed out completely from all apps, browsers, etc. It’s like having to use a freshly purchased Chromebook altogether.


Sometimes, you might not be able to perform such changes as removing a primary account. This can happen when your Chromebook is being managed by your office or school organization. If you wish to make changes and are legally allowed with permissions from the concerned in charge, then you can always request the owner/admin of the Chromebook to perform the primary account removal from the laptop.

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