How to Change Notifications Layout on Lock Screen [iOS 16]

Want to clean the notifications clutter from your iPhone lock screen? Here's how you can change notifications layout on iOS 16.

iOS lock screen is now better than ever, thanks to the much-needed revamp. But things could get messy when you start receiving a lot of notifications on your iPhone. And nowadays there are many apps that send important notifications in a day that we can’t afford to miss, but still, we need to organize them to see them all. Thanks to iOS 16 which brings an easy way to customize the lock screen notifications view.

If you want to flaunt your lock screen wallpaper or simply like a clean lock screen, then you can use the new customization options and declutter the messy lock screen on your iPhone. In this guide, I have covered everything on how to change lock screen notification layout on iOS 16.

Let’s dive right into the details.

With every iOS update, Apple brings small incremental changes to the lock screen notifications setup. And the iOS 16 which is currently in beta, is no different. There are three new ways on how notifications appear on the lock screen.

The new customization options are:

  • Count
  • Stack
  • List
How to change Notifications layout on lock screen

In the list view, the lock screen will show all upcoming notifications in the classic format, the same format which was on iOS 15 or older versions.

Stack and Count are the new display formats. And notifications will come in from the bottom part of the display in both new options. Selecting Stack will organize all notifications in a stack which will show at the bottom.

While choosing the count option will declutter your lock screen completely. As the name suggests, count displays the number of notifications you received on your iPhone, you can tap on it to expand. If you want to go with a clean look or just want to cut down the distractions, you can go with the count option.

If you want to change the lock screen notifications layout on your iPhone, make sure your iPhone runs on iOS 16, you can join the public beta or developer beta program or wait for the next month’s public release.

How to Customize Lock Screen Notifications on iOS 16

The new feature on iOS 16 gives more control to users on how notifications appear on the lock screen. If your iPhone runs on iOS 16 and you want to play with the notification layout, then, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone running on iOS 16.
  2. Now Select Notifications.
    How to change Notifications layout on lock screen
  3. The new customization options appear in the “Display As” section available at the top of the Notifications settings with a preview of three layouts. Select any layout you want, I already explained about three notifications layout in the above section.
    How to change Notifications layout on lock screen
  4. Once done, you’ll see the effect immediately on your iPhone’s lock screen.

Although, the count is one of the best options to choose in the new lock screen notifications layout, but if you don’t want to miss a single notification, then you can go with the new stack option, or simply choose the one which suits you the most.

Tip: If you like the clean lock screen, then you can disable Siri suggestions in the notifications settings.

One of the best things about the new notification layout is, that you can use the pinch-in gesture on the lock screen to expand the count into a stack, and pinch-out on the screen to stack all notifications.

So, this is the easiest way by which you can easily customize the lock screen notification layout on your iPhone.

If you still have a query on how to change notifications layout on lock screen, then leave a comment in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.

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