How to change iMessage Bubble Color on iPhone and iPad

iMessage aka Messages app on iPhone received some major upgrades with the iOS 16, which is currently under testing phase. With the new Messages app, users can edit the messages in 15 minutes, undo sent messages in two minutes, mark messages as unread, recover deleted messages, support to SharePlay, and more. There’s no doubt, that iMessage is a feature-packed texting app, but, still lacks the option to change bubble color of the message. If you like texting on iMessage and want to change the bubble color, then you’re at the right place. In this guide, you can check how to change iMessage color.

Although, there’s no official way to change the bubble color, but some third-party apps allow changing the bubble color. Not only this, but some apps also have an option to use the image in the background instead of a color. If you are tired of viewing the green bubble and blue bubble, then you should try out the below-mentioned workarounds.

How to change iMessage color

If you want to change the bubble color, then you need to install an app on your iPhone, there are a slew of options to choose from you can pick any app you want, but for this guide, I am using the Color Text Bubbles on iMessage app. Here’s how you can use it to send messages in colorful bubbles.

  1. First, download Color Text Bubbles on iMessage from App Store.
  2. Open the Messages app on your iPhone.
  3. Start a new chat or open the existing conversation.
  4. Tap on the Text Message input box, and type the message you want to send.
  5. Now select Color Text Bubbles on the apps listed above the keyboard.
    how to change imessage bubble color
  6. Select the Type Custom Message option or choose one from default messages.
    how to change imessage bubble color
  7. Type your message, then to choose the color for the message bubble, by tapping on the bubble, on the left of the Text option.
    how to change imessage bubble color
  8. Pick the bubble color you want.
    how to change imessage color
  9. You can also tap on the heart icon to add the message to the favorites.
  10. Now tap Send button.
    how to change imessage color
  11. That’s it.

Note: You can also customize the text inside the bubble by tapping the Text box, then you can tap on bold, italics, or underline, it also has an option to change font style but the feature is paid.

how to change imessage color

Obviously, it is a pretty useful app if you want to change iMessage bubble color, but every time you send a custom colorful message, it will show you an advertisement, which is pretty annoying. So, if you want no ads, then you can install Custom Bubble – Font & Color app on your iMessage from the App Store, or you can search for other apps with similar functionality.

Now you can easily customize the iMessage bubble on your iPhone, if you still want to know more about changing bubble color, you can leave a comment in the comment box, or if you know a better alternative app, then also tell us in the comment section.

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