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How to Change Default Browser in Windows 11 [Step-by-Step Guide]

Windows 11 has finally been released and is available to the public to install on their systems. Yes, the new OS has a lot of changes in terms of looks and performance. However, there are a few things that a person could complain about, and this time it’s all about changing default browsers.

Yes, the New and improved Microsoft Edge is a great browser but, there are a lot of people who would love to continue using their favorite browsers. Whether it is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave Browser, or even Opera Web Browser, users need to have a choice to pick their favorite browsers. Read on to know how to change default browser in Windows 11 PC.

Microsoft Edge has improved a lot, making it a better and more desirable browser. Yes, some people use Edge because it sometimes is simply better than any of the browsers out there. However, if you have just got yourself a brand-new Windows 11 or formatted your Windows 10 system to install Windows 11, users of other browsers are in for what you could say is a rude surprise. Sure, you could change the default browser and think wells that’s about it, right? Wrong. Let’s dive into how to properly change or set your default browser in Windows 11.

How to set Default Browser on Windows 11

Microsoft will do anything and everything to get people to use Microsoft Edge over any other browser. Since they want people to use it that way, they have changed how the default browser setting works. Let’s say you have Microsoft Edge and your favorite browser installed and want to set one as a default browser, this is how you would be going about in Windows 11.

  1. Open up your favorite browser. Some browsers might show you a message asking you to set it as a default browser. You can click on Set / Make as Default.
  2. Or else, simply visit the browser’s settings page and click on the Set as default option.
    how to set default browser on windows 11
  3. When you click on it, the Settings app will open up. The Settings app will show you the Default apps screen.
  4. Here is where things get a bit different. Though you might have set your favorite browser as the default one, it technically still isn’t the default on your PC.
  5. Now, scroll through the list till you find the browser that you set as default.
    how to change default browser on windows 11
  6. Here is where things get a bit messed. Even though you set a particular browser as default, most of the file types will show that they can be opened by Microsoft Edge.
    how to set default browser on windows 11
  7. If you want to properly set your browser as default, you will have to select each file type and choose your browser from the list.
    how to set default browser on windows 11
  8. You will have to repeat the browser selection process till you get all the file types to be opened with your newly set default browser.
  9. That’s it.

Mozilla Firefox and Brave browser overrides new default settings

Yes, this can be a bit annoying and unfortunate for some users who would think pressing the set as default button makes things easier. However, browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Brave will now simply override all of these settings and make themselves a default browser without you having to do anything at all. Pressing the set as the default browser will work just as it used to work on a Windows 10 PC.

If you change from some other browser to Microsoft Edge, it sets everything as default. Google Chrome, however, is yet to make changes to override this setting. Until then, Google Chrome users will have to manually set everything to be opened by their browser.


In all fairness, it is a terrible move by Microsoft to push Microsoft Edge forcefully for everyone. Just like how its system requirements for Windows 11 have upset a lot of people, this move has also upset a few. As and when people start getting the Windows 11 update pushed to their system, that is when they will have issues in setting up a default browser.

For those who did a direct upgrade from Windows 10 to 11, they won’t have much of an issue with the default browser settings, but it is always worth the time to check and properly set your default browser as the systemwide browser for your system.

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