How to Change Amazon Fire TV Name via PC and Mobile

If you look into the Smart TV market, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of options. Not only are there a ton of Smart TV brands available, but there are also different streaming services and Smart TV operating systems available. Amazon also has its lineup of streaming services and smart TV devices known as the Fire TV. The Fire TV is a part of the Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and the Fire TV Cube. Now, when you buy a new device, the device is usually set by Amazon themselves, and it will be usually a random one. If you wish to change the name of your Fire TV device, here’s a guide for how to rename Fire TV.

Why would you want to change the name of your Fire TV device? Well, it could be that you might be having two or more Fire TV devices in different parts of the house. For easy identification, the name that you set will be easier to identify from the names set as default. Having your custom name set as the device name is always good. And if you are someone that always changes their device’s name to a custom one, here is a guide for Fire TV users on how to change the device name.

How to Change Fire TV Name

Identify Fire TV Name

Before you go ahead to change the name of your Fire TV, you need to figure out what is the actual device name of your Fire TV. Here is how you do it.

how to change amazon fire tv name
  1. Download the Amazon Fire TV app. It is free to download and available for Android and iOS devices.
  2. Once you have the app installed, launch it.
  3. You need to sign in with the same Amazon account that has been used with the Fire TV.
  4. Now, head over to the Settings page of the app.
  5. On the Settings page, you will see the My Fire TV option. Tap on it.
  6. Now, choose from the list what kind of Fire TV you have.
  7. The Device Name will now show you the random unique name that was assigned to your device.

Change Fire TV Name via PC

  1. Launch your favorite web browser on your PC
  2. Visit the official Amazon website and sign in with the same account as that of the one on the Fire TV.
  3. You now need to scroll down to the Blue area where it says Let Us Help You.
  4. Click on the Manage Your Content and Devices.
  5. You need to select the Your Devices tab. Here you can select the device that is connected to the Amazon account.
  6. An Edit option will be visible next to the device.
  7. Simply enter the name that you wish to set and click on the Save option.
how to rename fire tv

How to rename Fire TV via Mobile

  1. Download or make sure to have the latest version of the Amazon app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Once you have signed in to the app, tap on the second icon at the bottom.
  3. The icon is the shape of a person.
  4. Your Amazon profile page will now appear with a list of different options and settings.
  5. Scroll through the list till you see the Account Settings option.
  6. Under this option, you will see Content and Devices.
  7. A page will now open with different tabs at the top.
  8. Select the Devices tab.
  9. Now, tap on the device that you wish to rename.
  10. An edit option will now appear.
  11. Simply type in the new name for your device and click on the Save button.


And this is how you can change the name of your Amazon Fire TV easily from your PC or from the mobile app. The methods are easy, and the whole process shouldn’t take you even more than 4 minutes. If you have any queries on renaming Fire TV, do leave them in the comments below. We hope this guide has now helped you to know how to change the name of your Amazon Fire TV.

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