How to Always Show Scrollbars on Windows 11 [Two Easy Ways]

Windows 11 is a great OS. Yes, it has a few changes that might be a bit questionable and some, that are actually pretty damn good. While this OS has brought in a ton of changes in terms of performance and visual elements as expected, you can also install Android apps onto your Windows 11 PC. Today, however, we will show you how you can always show the new fancy scrollbars on your Windows 11 PC.

Now, scrollbars are pretty important as they show and give you a rough idea of how much content is available at the bottom for you to see. Some people like to have their scrollbars always visible at all times, while some, simply like to have them hidden when not scrolling. So, whether you like to see them or not see them, this is the perfect guide for youtube know how you can always show or always hide your scrollbars on your Windows 11 PC.

How to Always Show Scrollbars in Windows 11

There are two simple and easy ways for you to show or hide the scrollbars of your Windows 11 PC. You also need to know that there is no need of making use of any third-party programs such as StartIsBack or anything of similar nature to the program. The ways that you can follow are with the help of tools and options that are present within Windows 11 right away. Let’s take a look at both ways.

Via the Settings App

The Settings app for Windows 11 has been revamped and is now easier to navigate through various menus whatsoever. Here are the steps.

  1. First off, you need to launch the Settings app. It can be launched by opening up the Start menu.
  2. Now, with the Settings app open, click on Accessibility.
  3. On the right-hand side, you will see a number of options. Click on the option that says Visual Effects.
    How to Always Show Scrollbars on Windows 11
  4. With the Visual Effects page open, you will now see a list of options here.
  5. The first option you will see is the Always Show Scrollbars. To always see the scrollbars, switch the toggle to On.
    How to Always Show Scrollbars on Windows 11
  6. To not see the scrollbars at all times, leave the toggle off.
  7. The scrollbars will either stay visible at all times or auto-hide. This depends on whether you have the toggle switched on or switched off.

Via The Registry Editor

The Registry Editor is a fun tool to make changes to a ton of things. It’s super useful if you actually know what you are actually doing. Here are the steps to always show or auto-hide the scrollbars on your Windows 11 PC.

  1. First off, press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard to pull up the Run dialog box.
  2. Now, type in regedit and hit the Enter key.
    How to Always Show Scrollbars on Windows 11
  3. The Registry Editor should now open up on your desktop.
  4. You will have to navigate to the following path in the Registry Editor.
    Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Accessibility
  5. Click on the Accessibility folder. On your right-hand side, you will a window with a few values.
    How to Always Show Scrollbars on Windows 11
  6. Double click on DynamicScrollbars.
  7. A Window will now open up. Under the Value Data field, simply type in 1 to always show the scrollbars.
    How to Always Show Scrollbars on Windows 11
  8. If you wish for your scrollbars to auto-hide, simply type in 0 in the Value Data field.
  9. No matter what value you enter, you will have to restart your system for the changes to take effect.
  10. Once you restart your PC, depending on the value entered, you will either always see the scrollbars or simply see them auto-hide when not in use.


And that is it. Two simple and easy ways you can follow to always show or auto-hide your scrollbars on a Windows 11 PC. Quite simple isn’t it? In all fairness, it shouldn’t take you less than a minute to make the changes. How do you like your scrollbars? Visible at all time, or auto-hide and show as and when it is being used.

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