How to activate your copy of Windows 11

Having a genuine activated Windows OS is always good. This ensures that you are using only the original copy of the software and will stay safe from any kind of spyware that can be installed on non-genuine copies of the OS.

At times, it could be possible that even after downloading the Windows 11 ISO file from the official Microsoft website, you might still see the Windows isn’t Activated message. This can be a bit annoying, especially when you have the watermark on the desktop, as well as being locked to a ton of customization and other settings. However, if you have the Windows 11 product key or product key/digital from Windows 10, you can activate your copy of Windows 11. Read to know how to activate Windows 11.

There are a few ways to activate your copy of Windows 11. Activating it can not only prove that you have a genuine copy but also ensure that you have all the features unlocked. Also, if you ever wished to change the OS version from Windows 11 Home to Pro or even the Enterprise versions, it is necessary to activate your copy of Windows. Here are a few ways you can follow to activate your copy of Windows 11.

How to Activate Windows 11

Method 1: Activate via Microsoft Account

Microsoft with the launch of Windows 8 in 2012 introduced Microsoft Accounts. While it made all sense to have an account, it also provided a better use of having a digital key. What this means is that your account would be tied to a product key of the operating system. This means that even if you lost your physical copy of the product key, simply signing in with a Microsoft Account would help activate your copy of Windows. For that matter even if you had a Windows 10 system that was activated and was linked to a Microsoft Account, you could use the same account to sign in o your Windows 11 PC and get the system activated right away.

  1. Click on the Start Menu and then select the Settings app.
  2. Now, select Accounts from the left-hand side of the Settings app.
  3. Click on the Your Info option in the app.
    how to activate Windows 11
  4. You will be taken to the screen that shows you your currently signed-in local account.
  5. Under Account Settings, you will see the local account, and right next to it, the option of signing in with a Microsoft Account. Click on it.
  6. A popup window will now appear asking you to enter your email address followed by your password.
  7. Once you have signed in to your account that has been linked to a product key, click on System on the left-hand side.
  8. Now, click on About and then finally Product Key and Activation.
    how to activate Windows 11
  9. Clicking on Activation State will now show you how your account has been activated. It will be mentioned there that Windows has been activated with a digital license.
    how to activate Windows 11

Method 2: Activate Using Product Key

If you have a copy of the physical product key for your operating system be it a new Windows 11 Key or for that matter even a Windows 10 product key, you can easily activate Windows 11. Here is how you do it.

  1. Bring up the Start Menu and click on the Settings app icon.
  2. Now, with the System option highlighted, scroll all the way down on the right side till you find the About section.
    how to activate Windows 11
  3. Clicking on the About section will display all details of your Windows PC.
  4. Scroll down to the Related Settings option. Select the Product Key and Activation option.
  5. You will see an option that says Upgrade your Edition of Windows. Click on the arrow to the right that points downwards.
  6. You will see an option that says Change Product key. Click on the Change button.
    how to activate Windows 11
  7. Now, all you need to do is enter the Product Key and click on Next.
  8. Windows will now validate your Product Key and soon activate your copy of Windows 11.

These are the two simple and easy ways to activate Windows 11. The good part about this is that you can simply make use of a Windows 10 Product Key to activate your Windows 11 PC. And if you are upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11, your system will automatically be activated using the Product Key from Windows 10. If you have any queries on activating your Windows 11 PC, leave them down in the comments below.

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