How Much Storage Does Vision Pro Come With?

Apple’s new premium device Vision Pro is now the talk of the town. With Vision Pro, we can get a feel for how things are going to be in the next few years. Apple has kept the price of Vision Pro quite high. And with this price tag the device should have top-of-the-line specs considering the price. Today we will talk about Vision Pro storage here. Is there enough storage in Vision Pro? If not, can you increase storage? And everything related to it.

The Vision Pro is great for a first generation device. Yes, this device has many flaws considering its a first generation device but it also has a lot of things that make it the best VR headset ever.

Storage capacity is a critical part of any device considering file sizes are ballooning due to technological advancements. For instance spatial video which are best for immersive experience can easily take up almost a GB for just a few minutes of video. And this is Vision Pro we are talking about, so you’ll be watching 3D and 4K content in it most of the time.

Since the Vision Pro is said to replace multiple devices, it should also have a decent amount of storage to keep your data in one place. You’ll save high quality videos, photos, documents, movies/shows for offline viewing, along with other files. And as we know 128GB isn’t even enough for a phone nowadays, so it definitely won’t be enough for the Vision Pro. Apple knew this and hence kept the minimum storage higher than 128GB.

What Are the Storage Options in Vision Pro?

If you are planning to get a Vision Pro, you must first plan your storage. Storage is quite important, and you wouldn’t want to regret purchasing a device that costs over $3500 after some time just because of storage. The Vision Pro officially comes in three storage variants, starting at 256GB and going up to 1TB.

Vision Pro is available in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. Here is the pricing of each variant.

  • 256GB: $3,499
  • 512GB: $3,699
  • 1TB: $3,899
How Much Storage Does Vision Pro Come With

Given that Apple is already charging a premium, the only option should have been the higher 1TB, especially since the price for the base variant is quite high. At a price point of $3500, the 1TB model should be the standard offering, without the availability of lower storage options.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

For the Vision Pro, 256GB might not be sufficient if you plan to keep the device for a long time. To ensure it meets your future needs, opting for a 512GB or 1TB storage variant would be the ideal choice. Ultimately, the best option depends on your usage.

If you quickly fill up 128GB on your phone, then you should skip the 256GB storage variant since files for Vision Pro might be bigger. However, if you don’t use much storage and rely mostly on online data, then the 256GB option may be suitable for you.

Yes, you can obtain additional storage through iCloud and other cloud services, but this requires additional spending and you will need internet connection to access them.

How to Save Space on Vision Pro?

If you decide to buy the 256GB variant and want to save space, you might consider following these simple tips.

  • Do not download unwanted apps or games, or uninstall them when not is use
  • Clear App Cache
  • Watch Movies or TV Shows online
  • Listen to Music Online
  • Keep photos in iCloud/Cloud storage
  • If you save videos for offline viewing, delete them after watching
  • Regular cleanup

So these are tips you can follow to save storage on Vision Pro. In case if you have any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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