BREAKING: Rockstar Games Releases Grand Theft Auto VI’s Trailer Early

This is it. The new trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI has just been released. Yes, it seems a bit too early instead of the actual time as stated by Rockstar Games.

Well, this is because someone leaked the trailer for the game and the developers had no option but to post a tweet on X (formerly Twitter) about the leak and reveal the trailer right away.

GTA 6 trailer release early

The Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer Revealed

The next big game from Rockstar Games is none other than Grand Theft Auto VI. Yes, the names for the game have been confirmed as seen by the trailer.

The new GTA VI takes place in Leonida – the modern-day city of the state of Florida. The trailer as we can gather from the YouTube upload is a minute and thirty seconds long.

The trailer for the game starts by showing off Vice City and a high-security prison in Vice City. The soundtrack playing in the background is Tom Petty’s very popular track – Love Is A Long Road which was released in 1989.

The trailer then shows the protagonist of the game – Lucia who is in the Vice City prison and being interrogated by the prison in charge asking her if she knew the reason she was in prison.

Soon after we start to get shots of the whole new Vice City that has been built by Rockstar Games for the new game. We get to see a recreation of the famous Ocean Drive road, followed by numerous low-riders parked around, a ton of flamingos, and an alligator as well as a heavily crowded Vice Beach.

GTA 6 trailer release early

The new Vice City game will have some interesting new things. First off, we will be able to see a lot of social media influence in the game. Yes, there will be people with their smartphones out recording and going live on their social media platforms. There also seems to be silly stuff such as twerking as you would have seen in the game’s trailer.

When you take a look at the skyline for GTA VI, you will notice that it is quite bigger than GTA V’s Los Santos. This is going to be one of the biggest maps that Rockstar Games has ever created for its Grand Theft Auto game.

We get to see a ton of boats, some off-roading vehicles as well dirt bikes that can be used to drive around in Vice City. The nightlife of Vice City is also pretty to look at. There will be clubs, strip clubs, and even nice neon-lit signs spread across the city.

GTA 6 trailer release early

Grand Theft Auto VI – Release Date

The new Grand Theft Auto game is set to be released somewhere in 2025. There Is quite a long time for the game to be released and in the meantime, we will also be getting more trailers for the game which will reveal some stuff that can be done in GTA 6. If things are to be believed, PC gamers can expect the PC version of the game to be released somewhere in 2026.

So, what do you think about the game from just this single trailer that Rockstar has revealed to the public? Is it something that has gained your interest or are you waiting for more trailers and information about the game? Let us know your thoughts below.

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