Gotham Knights Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, System Requirements, and more

Batman games have been around for a while and have suddenly vanished away for quite some time. While the Arkham series had pretty good games, Warner Games Studios have finally announced that a new game is on its way! The Arkham series began in 2009 and ended in 2016 with the Lego game versions which were released somewhere around the same time. Anyways, let’s take a look into Gotham Knights release date, trailer, gameplay, system requirements, and more.

The game has been in development for some time and we do know that the new game has nothing to do with Arkham and Batman is dead. The developers have also stated this game will be a much better game as compared to all their previous releases. It’s good to see an Action RPG with characters from the DC Universe and considering that the story of the game will be original to itself and not adapted from the comics, it surely is worth the wait. With that being said, here is everything we know so far about Gotham Knights the game.

Gotham Knights Release Date

The Gotham Knights game was announced in 2020 and was expecting a release somewhere this year. But with a lot of things happening around the world. The studio in a tweet revealed that the game has been pushed forward to a 2022 release date. The announcement was made by the games’ official Twitter handle.

Gotham Knights Release Date

Gotham Knights Trailer

The trailer for Gotham Knights begins with a news report about batman dying and a pre-recorded video message that was automatically triggered to be sent to other heroes of Gotham City. Now that Batman is gone it’s all up to these heroes ‘Titans’ to go around and save the city before the enemies of Gotham City rise again to bring in crimes back to the city. The trailer does show around few fight scenes and the heroes riding around the city on bikes. They have nothing but Belfry to get all of their gear.

Gotham Knights Trailer

Gotham Knights Gameplay

The Gotham Knights game takes place in the dark city of Gotham as expected. We also know that it will be an open-world game and one could free roam around the city. We also have the option of choosing from any of the four characters Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Redhood. There will also be various kinds of mysteries to solve apart from the various fights that you will be encountering throughout the city. You will also be able to ride bikes while roaming around or when on various missions as seen in the official gameplay walkthrough.

The animations in-game feel quite realistic and especially the cape animations of the characters. That is one part of the game that everyone is talking about and truly loves it. During the game, you will find Batgirl and Robin cracking a few jokes while on a mission. When tackling an enemy their health bar is positioned in the middle at the top, which is good and doesn’t distract you at all. Of course, you can see it right away, but it isn’t all that fancy and flashy. Just a single white bar that flashes red when the health level drops.

Gotham Knights Gameplay

Gotham Knights Character

Well as stated by the devs, you get to choose from the four characters in Gotham Knights. Each character is totally unique (as they should be of course). While you play as Redhood you will be able to use modern as well as traditional weapons to fight off the enemies. Redhood also makes use of Batman’s non-lethal combat methods. If you wish to play around stealthier, Robin is a perfect character. He is a master in behavioral science and psychological warfare.

If you do enjoy MMA fighting styles, go ahead playing as Batgirl. She’s got all the martial arts skills and she can also hack around systems and even codes them out quite well. Nightwing will fight off enemies with his duel-wielding sticks and will also move around easily thanks to his mastery of acrobatics.

Gotham Knights Character

Gotham Knights Multiplayer options

You can choose to play around with 3 other friends and go around solving crimes, taking out enemies, and bringing Gotham City to peace. However, there isn’t much information that has been revealed by studios about other multiplayer modes or game events that you could play with friends. Otherwise, you can always choose around to play solo if that rocks your boat.

Gotham Knights System Requirements

There is no official word about the minimum recommended system to play Gotham Knights. However, just by judging out from the gameplay walkthrough video, one can assume that a good mid-tier system will be easily able to handle the game.

Gotham Knights Platform availability

The game can be played easily on the new Xbox series consoles a well as the PS5. For the Xbox One and the PS4, you could still play on them on a lower resolution possibly. As for PC, we can expect the game to show up either on the Epic Games Store or Steam, or maybe even both. Store pages for the game have yet to be shown.


So far, the devs have released minimum amounts of information about the game Gotham Knights. We can only hope that there would be more details to be revealed soon during the remaining part of this year. It would be nice to know if the game would have cross-platform functionality and possibly anymore and new developments within the game that could be shared around to fans eagerly waiting for the game to be released in 2022.

So that’s all on Gotham Knights Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, System Requirements and other news. Let us know how excited you are for the Gotham Knights game.

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