Google shares 6 Pixel Camera tips for capturing Solar Eclipse

This Monday, April 8, a total solar eclipse will take place across North America. And recently Google shared 6 Google Pixel Camera tips to capture the rare occurrence. So if you are a Pixel user, you can follow these Camera tips.

This is a once in many years event for the same spot. It happens twice a year, but the chances to take place at the same place is rare and it can take many years. It previously took place 7 years ago and the next event would not occur for another 20 years in the same place. So everyone will try to attend this total solar eclipse. People within a 115-mile wide path across parts of the United States, Mexico, and Canada can witness the total solar eclipse event in the next two days.

Since this is a must-catch occasion, many people who are nearby or traveling to the occurring places will try to witness it. And surely everyone present will want to capture the moment. Most users will use Mobile Phones to capture it, and if you happen to own a Pixel phone, here are six tips shared by Google.

Carry Required Items

You will need certain items to enjoy and capture your moments of Solar Eclipse. First off you will need Solar Filters as looking directly at Solar Eclipse can harm your eyes. With Solar Filters you can enjoy the Solar Eclipse without worry. Of course, you will need your Pixel phone to capture photos. A charger is another required item, and additionally, you can carry a power bank.

Pixel Camera tips for Solar Eclipse


It’s always great to know about your Camera app before you need it. This way you will know of its features and easily decide which one to use in specific cases without sacrificing much time to figure it out during that specific moment.

Pixel Camera tips for Solar Eclipse

Each phone has a different set of features so you need to go through all of them by yourself, and you still have the time to figure them out before the solar eclipse.

Use Tripod

If you have a Tripod, you can make use of it to take perfect shots. You don’t want to mess with the clicks as the event will only for a moment and the next event will take place after 20 years (if you don’t want to travel to see total solar eclipse). So it’s best to avoid accidental shakes by using tripods.

Many cheap and small tripods are easily available. So if you don’t have any, you can get one if you want to capture the Solar Eclipse.

Set Auto Settings

In a solar eclipse, we all know that the Moon slowly covers the sun which results in darkness in the sky. The movements are constant which means the camera can go out of focus, so it would be a good option to set all the settings to Auto and then change them later manually if required. Also, avoid using Astrophotography and any other feature that requires a lot of time to capture a shot.

Take Creative Photos

Although this will be a short eclipse, you can still manage to take multiple good shots. The advice is to take multiple photos by changing the places of the eclipse in the shot. You can use the grid tool and place the eclipse in the center of every grid. You can take photos of the person or group you’re viewing the eclipse with. If someone in the photo has an unwanted head pose, you can use Best Take on Pixel to change the head pose to their liking.

Pixel Camera tips for Solar Eclipse

Enjoy your time

Don’t forget to enjoy your time there. This is the reason why you are going there after all. So even if you don’t get multiple good photos, don’t let this thought affect your time. Also, watch the eclipse with your eye protection and don’t spend all the time capturing photos.

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