Google releases Android 12 Beta 4 with new API and bug fixes

Google is now releasing the first Android 12 beta in the platform stability phase. As per the official Android 12 roadmap, Google is supposed to bring a Platform Stability update in August and as usual, they have done it on time. It means we are close to the final stable release which we can expect as early as next month. Android 12 Beta 4 comes with many changes and bug fixes. Here you can check on what’s new in the Android 12 Beta 4 update.

As you know that Android 12 reaches the platform stability phase which means you can find all the features in the Android 12 Beta 4. Yes, it has all the Android 12 features that you can test and from here we can expect more focus on the bug fixes.

Since Google has finalized the APIs for Android 12, app and game developers can now test the behavioral changes on any phone running Android 12 Beta 4. Google is advising the same to all developers on their official Beta 4 announcement page.

The Android 12 Beta 4 comes with build version SPB4.210715.011. It brings the latest August 2021 Android security patch. There are changes in the Ad ID functionality related to interest based advertising and ads personalization. Below you can check the resolved issues in the Android 12 Beta 4.

Developer-reported issues

  • Fixed issues that prevented some notifications about missed calls from being dismissed. (Issue #193718971, Issue #194388100)
  • Fixed issues where system theme colors did not apply to some Quick Settings tiles. (Issue #190633032, Issue #190338020)
  • Fixed an issue where Quick Settings tiles did not align to the grid when dragging or rearranging them. (Issue #188641280)
  • Fixed an issue where the alarm and mute icons did not display in the notification bar. (Issue #186769656)
  • Fixed an issue where the primary Home screen was blank when swiping back to it from another page. (Issue #189435745)
  • Fixed an issue where, when a Bluetooth device was connected, audio could not be heard after routing the audio to the phone during a call. (Issue #192585637)
  • Fixed an issue where the Calendar widget wouldn’t load after it was added to the Home screen. (Issue #188799206)
  • Fixed an issue where toggles for some options in the Settings app were not visible. (Issue #193727765)
  • Fixed an issue where widgets would sometimes disappear after restarting the device. (Issue #191363476)
  • Fixed an issue where RCS messages did not work when a VPN was active. (Issue #189577131)
  • Fixed issues that sometimes caused devices to crash and restart. (Issue #194272305)
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple notifications about foreground service launch restrictions to display. (Issue #194081560)
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong app would sometimes open when opening an app from the dock or Home screen area. (Issue #194766697)
  • Fixed an issue where double-tapping the device’s screen would not wake it in some cases. (Issue #190453834)
  • Fixed an issue where the cell signal strength was not displayed in the status bar. (Issue #190894572)
  • Fixed an issue where if a screen recorder was active, the notification shade did not animate properly when closing. (Issue #191276597)

Other resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where, when playing music on Youtube Music on Android Auto, some users experienced audio playing out of the phone instead of the vehicle speakers or no audio at all in Toyota Cars.
  • Fixed an issue where, when using Google Maps navigation on Android Auto, some users experienced issues with text being blurry.
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t select a destination in Waze while using Android Auto.
  • Fixed an issue where the phone became unresponsive or stuck on the lock screen after starting Android Auto.
  • Fixed an issue where, in some scenarios, Google Maps could not provide different route options while using Android Auto.
  • Fixed an issue on Android Auto where music would pause when the phone was locked.
  • Fixed an issue on Android Auto where users sometimes heard Music audio while trying to reply to an SMS using the Google Assistant.
  • Fixed an issue on Android Auto where Automatic Day and Night switching did not work.

If you are already using any version of Android 12 developer preview or Android 12 Beta, then you will get the OTA update on your phone. In case if you don’t get the update notification, you can check it manually. You can check for the update by going to Settings > System > Software Update. And then tap on download and install to get Android 12 beta 4 on your Pixel.

And if you want to switch from a Stable to Beta, then you can opt for Android Beta Program or flash the full Android 12 Beta 4 Factory Image.

To download Android 12 Beta 4 OTA Zip and Factory Images, check out our download article.
To install Android 12 Beta 4 on Pixel phones, check out this install guide.

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