Google I/O 17, New features Announced by Google

Google I/O 17, New features Announced by Google

Ongoing Google io17 event has revealed a lot of new features for the google  products, Google softwares, google apps etc. This event will hold till 19 so if you want more new live announcement by Google you can visit to google io17 event website. More on Google I/O 17, New features Announced by Google.

 1. Google assistant for iPhone

On IO17 Google has announced about this feature on first day of event. Google assistant is now supported on iOS devices. It will feature all the functions as on Android. So you can use both Siri and google assistant. It’s up to you which you like the most. We will let you know how to install Google assistant in you iOS device through other post.

2. Android O beta version available now

 Android O operating system was announced earlier where it was available as preview for some selected device. Now in io17 google Announced the beta version of Android O so you can test out its new features and work on its development mode. It is available for nexus and pixel devices.

3. Android Go operating system

Android Go will be the next coming version of operating system as it works on the data restricted environment. The Android GO will be featured on the budget phones having a RAM between 512MB to 1GB(could be higher). This version of Android will be like YouTube go app which is concentrated on saving your data. Sundar Pichai said that it is going to help them to reach to next billion users. Android Go is made for the entry level devices.

4. Google Assistant new feature

Now the google assistant can do more interesting thing by using the smartphone camera. This technology is named as Google lens by the company. You have to point the camera on surrounding and Google Assistant will tell everything that is relevant to it. Like if you focus on any flower Assistant will tell you it’s name breed and many related thing about it.

5. Google Assistant new way of controlling

Google assistant now become more powerful and helpful than ever. Now with the help of Google assistant you can control all your google surroundings such as TV, Gnome, lights etc. You can switch on/off the light by just saying turf on/off the lights. It can play YouTube videos directly to your TV by just speaking to google assistant. These are features telling us that that we are moving to next generation.


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