Google Camera 8.8 for Pixel Phones comes with Faster Night Sight and more [Download]

After a long wait, Google updated the stock Google Camera to a new version. The new Google Camera 8.8 aka GCam 8.8 is now available for Pixel phones as part of the Feature Drop update. This is the first major Gcam update for the Google Pixel phones of the year. If you are a Google Pixel user then you can download the new GCam 8.8 version to try out the new features.

Google Camera is the best stock camera application for any Android smartphone. Even non-Pixel users look for Modded Gcam to try out its amazing features that boost the camera performance of any device.

Google updates Gcam regularly and with each major update, it adds new features and improvements. And with Google Camera 8.8, Pixel phones get some changes and improvements.

The new changes include Faster Night Sight on Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro. This means the app can capture Night Sight photos in half of the normal exposure time and that too in high quality than before. Yes, it is exclusive to these four Pixel phones.

GCam 8.8 update for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro changes the zoom bar. The zoom bar now shows readings in lines instead of dots.

Along with these changes, there are some improvements as well. These new changes are available through the latest Google Camera 8.8. You can update your Google Camera from Play Store. And in case the new version is not available yet, you can try installing the APK file of the latest version.

After downloading the APK file, copy it to your phone storage. And then tap on the APK. It will ask for confirmation, select Install and the old GCam will be updated to version 8.8. And then you will be able to enjoy all the new features.

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