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Google releases the latest Google Camera 7.5 for its Pixel devices. The latest version comes with some new features and hints on the upcoming phones. Google Camera is the most popular camera app for Android phones because of its manual controls and better image processing. All the phones come with their own stock camera but only a few brands provide a good camera app. And because of this Google Camera gained popularity and its port is available for most phones. Here you get to download Google Camera 7.5 APK for Pixel devices.

The latest Google Camera 7.5 is currently available for Pixel phones but in a few days, we will get the mod apk from popular custom developers. We have also seen earlier that developers release mod apk within a few days of the latest version release. And it’s no different for the Google Camera 7.5, you have to just wait for a few more days and you will have the latest Google Camera 7.5 for your Android smartphone. Well if you use Google Camera then probably the Camera2 API enabled on your phone which is a necessary requirement to use Google Camera.

Before we head to the Google Camera download section lets check some of its new features and it can be a reason to upgrade your Google Camera to the latest version.

Google Camera 7.5 – New Features

Audio Zoom

It is one of my favorite Camera features which is already available in some stock camera apps. But it was missing in Pixel Phones and the latest Google Pixel 7.5 brings these missing features on Pixel devices and other Android phones through the Mod Google Camera App. If you don’t know what is Audio Zoom? then here’s some information about the feature.

Audio Zoom boosts the sound of the object or its surroundings to which you are focusing on. For eg. If you Zoom in to a ceiling fan then you will hear its sound even if you are away. It will only work on limited phones with compatible hardware. Google Camera 7.5 for Pixel Phones

Help Improve Google Camera – Another new feature that the latest Google Camera 7.5 will bear is the help to improve Google Camera. The purpose of this feature is to improve Camera performance by learning your usage and other Google Camera users. The user’s data will be limited only to their device and hence no security breach issue to worry about.

Expanded Social Share

The Google Camera introduced new social sharing apps with Pixel 4 launch. It allows us to easily share any photo or video directly from the Google Camera app to various Social media Apps. According to XDA’s APK teardown analysis, the latest Google Camera 7.5 comes with 25 social media apps where you can share photos and videos.

In the Google Camera 7.5 APK teardown by XDA’s developer, they found that this year we can see 2 new Google Pixel devices and Pixel 5 XL won’t be the one. The two devices may include Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G or Pixel 5. So these are some new features and new about Google Camera 7.5. Now let’s jump into the download section.

Download Google Camera 7.5 APK

The app is available for all the Google Pixel phones, and as for now, the mod is not available. So if you have a non-Pixel device then wait for a few days for mod apk to release. But if you have Pixel phones and you don’t see the update option on Google Play Store. Then you can download the Cstark’s version of the Google Camera 7.5 APK for Pixel Phones. Cstark27 is the popular Google Camera modifier and known for its various stable Google camera ports. You can also download the non ported Google Camera 7.5 for Pixel 2 or above.

Download Google Camera 7.5 APK (Cstark27 Mod)

Download Google Camera 7.5 APK (Standard)

How to Install Google Camera 7.5 on Pixel Phones

There is nothing new to this section as we are going to share the installation method which generally most of the users know. But some users who struggle to install APK manually then you can follow this guide. Both the standard version and Cstark27 mod APKs can be installed with the same process.

The only requirement (other than Camera2 API) for installing the latest Google Camera 7.5 is its APK file that you can download from the previous section. Once you have the APK file follow the below steps.

  1. Copy the Google Camera 7.5 APK to your phone.
  2. Now tap on the Google Camera 7.5 APK file.
  3. If it asks you to allow installing from an unknown source then allow it.
  4. Then click on the Install button and wait for the process.
  5. It will give a success message once Google Camera 7.5 is installed on your phone.

Now you can open the app from the app drawer or home screen and enjoy all the cool features of Google Camera 7.5. If you have a non-Pixel device stay connected to YTECHB and you will know once it is available.

So there you have it the guide on Google Camera 7.5 along with its download link. If you have any questions related to Google Camera then let us know in the comment section below.

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