Download Google Camera 7.3 Port APK with Auxiliary Camera Support (Without Root)

Google Camera 7.3 is out for a while now and we have already received many camera ports from known GCam porters. About a few weeks ago a port has released including support for Auxiliary Camera for it was only limited to OnePlus 8 series devices. But now save teams have ported a new GCam 7.3 that enables Auxiliary Camera support on more Android devices. Here you get to download Google Camera 7.3 Port Apk with Auxiliary Camera support.

Google Camera 7.3 with Auxiliary support

Thanks to Wichaya for the new GCam 7.3 port that will let you capture photos from all the available cameras. It was earlier possible with only root access but now you don’t need to root your phone for the Auxiliary camera support. The list of supported phones is wide and if you want to know, your phone will support or not, then check out the device list below.

List of GCam 7.3 Auxiliary Supported Devices

If your device is on the list and wants to get the latest Google Camera for amazing photos using Auxiliary camera then this guide is for you. Now you don’t need to rely on the Stock Camera for any feature as the Google Camera was only missing the Auxiliary Camera support, but it’s no longer the same after GCam 7.3 Wichaya port.

Download Google Camera 7.3 Port APK (from Wichaya)

Google Camera 7.3 with Auxiliary Support is already available for OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8. But now with the latest port, the Auxiliary Camera support now extended to some other known devices. Devices include from OnePlus, Asus, Xiaomi and Oppo brands. Along with the Auxiliary camera support, there are more features some may be exclusive depending on the device brand. You can find the changelog for more information.

Here’s the changelog for the latest Google Camera 7.3 Port:

  • Aux cameras working on most phones without root apart from some exceptions. (Bug on Zenfone 6 use ultra-wide by default at first start up. Just press main lens button)
  • Added OPPO and Experimental opmode
  • Adjusted some menus in the settings
  • Press lib patcher icon bring to lib patcher menu, hold awb icon bring to awb menu, hold exposure button bring to exposure compensation menu
  • Added Gamma Curve, HDR Range Control and experimental lib patcher
  • Fixed black screen aux video mode on some devices
  • Added new option to choose viewfinder buttons layout between old left side or top near the drop-down menu
  • Added no restart when no setting changes
  • Adjusted viewfinder buttons size based on screen dpi
  • Fixed AUX names on OPPO Find X2 Pro

How to Enable Auxiliary Camera without Root

If you want to use Auxiliary cameras on your phone then you can use the available config file for your device. Luckily the porter Wichaya has already stored config file for all devices at one place that you can download and install on your Google Camera 7.3.

  1. Download and copy the GCam 7.3 APK file to your phone.
  2. Install the GCam with the standard installation process.
  3. Once done, open the App and go to App setting > Config and check the location. Most probably it will be /GCam/Configs.
  4. So if the location doesn’t exist then create the location.
  5. Now copy the downloaded GCam 7.3 config file that you downloaded for your phone and past the file in /GCam/Configs.
  6. Again open the Google Camera app and double tap on the area between camera shutter and the gallery (on the right-hand side). GCam 7.3 with Auxiliary support
  7. Select the config file and the app will auto-reload.
  8. Once done, you can now open App Settings > Advanced > Auxiliary Camera. Google Camera 7.3 with Auxiliary support
  9. Now enable the available Auxiliary ports to use your Ultrawide, Macro, or other cameras. Google Camera 7.3 with Auxiliary support

So that’s all you have to follow for the Auxiliary Camera Support on GCam 7.3 port for your phone without root. The Google Camera 7.4 is also out and soon you will find many ports with all these features including Auxiliary Camera support. So stay tuned to our guides and stories for more about Google Camera.

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