Google Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL launched with some great features and unique home screen UI. It has the latest Android OS, hardware, and the latest Android update has made sure that pixel phones are special which was “Made By Google” phones. There are somes exclusive features in Google Pixel 2 devices which are not available in normal Android smartphones. Google Pixel 2 home screen UI is fully different than every android device, also different from Google Pixel. In this post, I will tell How to Get Google Pixel 2 Features on Any Android Device.

Get Google Pixel 2 Features on Any Android Device

What are the New Features of  Pixel 2?

  • Pixel 2 comes with new Home Screen UI.
  • Rounded Corners
  • Glance Clock
  • Icon Pack

1. Rounded Corners

Rounded corners on bezel-less display are looking awesome and Pixel 2 launched with fewer bezels. So try bezel-less corners on your smartphone. Download Rounded Corner App by click here. After Installation, Enable it and enjoy rounded corners like Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG G6 on your smartphone. You can also change the color or rounded corners background by the change color option.

Rounded Corner
Price: Free+

2. Widgets

As we all know that Google Pixel 2 comes with new Google Search bar UI so let’s try it. Download Zooper Widget Pro app on your smartphone click here to download & also install Trident for Zooper click here to download. After Installation, Follow my steps – How to Get Google Pixel 2 Features on Any Android Device.

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Zooper Widget Pro
Price: 2,99 €
Trident for Zooper
Price: 0,79 €
  • Take a widget of 4*1 on your home screen.
  • Now Tap to configure or resize it.
  • Then choose widget theme “Trident” and find “S8 Google Bar”.
  • Now configure and resize Google bar, increase the width of the google bar and change the google icon size to small as you see in the screenshot.
  • That’s it.

3. Launcher

You need to install Nova Launcher Beta on your smartphone for the best experience. Click here to download Nova launcher beta latest version. On first time start, Nova will ask you to choose the default interface. Also, download Nova Launcher Prime for the best experience.

Nova Launcher Prime
Price: 5,25 €
  • Choose your preset theme as “Dark layout” then choose app drawer style as “immersive” then choose open app drawer action as “Swipe Up”.
  • After that, Go to Nova Launcher settings and under Desktop settings set Desktop Grid as 5*5 and change the icon size to 110%.
  • Now, Go to Dock Settings in Nova Launcher Prime and “Disable” the Dock Feature.
  • That’s all for the launcher settings.

4. Icon Pack

Here, you need to Install Pixel Icon pack to get the perfect feel of Google Pixel 2.

  • Now enable this Pixel Icon Pack, Go to Nova launcher settings then tap on Look & Feel now select Icon theme as Pixel Icon Pack.
  • That’s It.Get Google Pixel 2 Features on Any Android Device

5. Wallpaper

Get Google Pixel 2 Features on Any Android Device.

Wallpaper makes the real feel of Google Pixel 2 to your smartphone so here I use the stock wallpaper of Pixel 2 to make it similar. Click here to download this app now for free – How to Get Google Pixel 2 Features on Any Android Device.

6. Glance

As we know that when Google Pixel 2 is locked then its display is always on, not gone off. This looks cool when it comes to Nokia and now Samsung shows that this feature also looks great on Android devices as well so If you want to get this feature download “Always On AMOLED – BETA” app. Click here to download this app for free in beta version.

7. Navigation Bar

Get Google Pixel 2 Features on Any Android Device: To get the Navigation Bar you need to install Pixel Navigation Bar app. This app works on any Non Rooted smartphone. Just Download this app and Install it on your smartphone and give the accessibilities permission.

Now your device is ready to feel you that it is your Google Pixel 2, not your old device. That’s all for now, If you really like this post then please share it with your friends even they will enjoy these features on her smartphone.

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