10 Best Games like Wordle That You Can Play Right Now

Every year, there will always be one particular game that takes the world by storm. It doesn’t have to be a big triple-A title game. For example, back in 2020, everyone was out and about playing Among Us. Now, here comes 2022, and we already have a simple game called Wordle that is gaining immense popularity, so much that people want to play more of it and are even looking out for alternatives to compete with their friends. With that being said, here are the best games like Wordle that you can play on your Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

Now, as and when a game or an app becomes popular, there tend to be clones of the particular app. But in the case of Wordle, you need to know that there is no official app. The game can be played on a web browser on almost any device. So, if you see an app that goes by the name Wordle or has the Wordle word on it, assure yourself that it is a fake app, The games that we will be listing here are those that are similar to Wordle.

Games like Wordle to Play on Mobile and PC


The first game on this list is TypeShift. Now, this has a similar concept to Wordle, but at the same time is completely unique. For starters, you will be having all your letters in a crossword style. What you need to do is you have to move the columns up or down to form a word that’s from the dictionary.

games like wordle

Now there’s also a second type of word puzzle game within TypeShift. Here you’ll have to create the words based on the clues that are given to you. And finally, it has the daily puzzle mode. All of these modes have a leaderboard as well as an option to share it with your friends. The game does have additional puzzle packs that you can purchase, by downloading this game, you can play Wordle’s alternative offline.

  • Availability: Android, iOS
  • Release Date: 18th March 2017
  • Developer: Zach Gage
  • Price: Free

Words With Friends

Do you remember the good old family game of Scrabble? Well, you can now enjoy it with almost anyone, be it your friends or anyone online. Words with Friends is a fun Scrabble-type game that lets you create words on aboard. Each player gets a turn to play. The aim of this game is that you will earn points based on the tile that you place the letter on along with the score for each letter.

games like wordle

If you have friends, the game can be fun as they will tend to play their turn soon as possible. With strangers online, it can sometimes take more than an hour or so to play your turn. I’ve played the game a few times while hitting the road and have waited for upwards of 15 minutes or so to play my next turn. You can however have multiple games open at the same time and the best thing is, it is an Offline alternative to Wordle.

Kitty Letter

Kitty Letter makes playing word games more fun. Why? Here’s why! First off you’ll have to unscramble a given set of letters to create a meaningful word. So, once you’ve done that, the formed word will now be used as a weapon to attack your enemies! Yes, you’ll be using your words to take your enemies out. This basically means you’ll need to have a strong wordplay game. There’s a unique type of story mode available for when you want to play as a single player.

games like wordle

If you’d like to level up your word game, choose the online mode that lets you play with friends or with strangers online. The game doesn’t have any coins, powers, or levels. Simply pick a game and enjoy!

  • Availability: Android, iOS
  • Release Date: 2nd February 2021
  • Developer: Exploding Kittens
  • Price: Free 


You will be given a crossword-styled map that has various letters scattered around it. What you will need to do is to form and create words out of them. Along with that, you will also have to keep the letters from reaching the top row. Once they reach the top row it’s game over for you. Sounds fun right, isn’t it?

games like wordle

It gets even more exciting with the different game modes that are available such as Tower Mode, Daily Tower Mode, Puzzle Mode, Extreme Puzzle Mode, Zen Mode, and finally the Rush Mode. The game is fun but, it does have a ton of ads that can ruin the experience. SpellTower is also picking up new game modes, 4 of them to be precise. 

  • Availability: Android, iOS
  • Release Date: 29 July 2021
  • Developer: Zach Gage
  • Price: Free

Letter Rooms

Here is a fun word guessing game for those who have iOS devices. The game is simple. You need to identify and guess the correct letters in the correct order to form a legit word. This word puzzle game covers a range of topics so that it keeps you hooked to the game. There are 40 levels that you can play for free with over 330 puzzle challenges for you to enjoy.

games like wordle

Since this is an iOS-only game, you can enjoy the game with your friends via SharePlay. If for some reason you simply cannot figure out the word, you can simply skip it without losing anything. You can unlock all the levels for $0.99

  • Availability: iOS
  • Release Date: 26 May 2021
  • Developer: Klemens Strasser
  • Price: Free

Hello Wordl

If you like the concept of Wordle and simply don’t like to wait for a whole day to get the next puzzle, you can try out Hello Wordle. Just like Wordle, this game can be played easily on any device that has a web browser. The interface and rules are similar to that of Wordle.

games like wordle

You can however choose to guess words that are four letters long or go for the words that are 11 letters long, thus bringing up the challenge difficulty.

Babble Royale

Yup! You’ve read that right. This is a survival game where you will be playing with 16 other players who will fight around with words. Yes with words. You have to create your words on the battlefield and try your best to connect their word to yours. As soon as you do that, you will be able to eliminate the enemy right away.

games like wordle

The game lets you collect various loots and power-ups from enemies that have been eliminated or murdered by your words. The game is currently in its early access stage, but will eventually be out of it within a few months’ time. The best part? You can play this game for free on your Windows or Mac systems right away.

  • Availability: Steam
  • Release Date: 16th December 2021
  • Developer: Everybody House Games
  • Price: Free

Word Forward

The aim of the game is simple and straightforward. You are given letters in a 5×5 grid. All you need to do is to clear out all these letters. But how? Well, you need to select the letters nearby to form a word. You can also swap the words so that you are able to easily for a particular word.

games like wordle

The game has the option to jumble all the tiles and even bomb away tiles that are putting you in a tight zone. The game is fun and currently on sale at the Steam store. One of the best things of this Wordle alternative is, it is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

  • Availability: Android, iOS, PC
  • Release Date: 28th August 2019
  • Developer: Rocketship Park
  • Price: Paid


The next game in the list of best games like Wordle is Letterle. The thing about Wordle is that you need to guess the word of the day every day. With Letterle, all you need to do is simply guess the letter of the day. Yup one letter every day and that is it.

games like wordle

The game is simply out there to poke fun at the original Wordle game. After all these games have been created to have fun.

  • Availability: Web Browser
  • Release Date: 2022
  • Developer: Ed Jefferson
  • Price: Free


Yup, you read that just right. This is Wordle, but instead of going with regular words, you get to use 4 letters swear words. Some of them are funny and some are actual swears. And yes it follows the Swear word of the day concept. Fun and enjoyable with your friends especially those who simply love to swear around.

games like wordle

If you want to play Wordle on your PC, then you can try the Sweardle as well.

  • Availability: Web Browser
  • Release Date: 4th January 2022
  • Developer: Stuart Houghton
  • Price: Free


And these are the fun alternatives that you can play after you have guessed the word of the day at Wordle. These are extremely fun, and we could even see some more hilarious remakes of the original world game. What are your thoughts about Wordle taking the internet by storm? And if you have enjoyed the game, which of the above alternatives are you planning to play? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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