Samsung Galaxy S23 receives first One UI 6 Beta hotfix in Korea

Just last week, Samsung released the Android 14-based One UI 6 beta for its flagship Galaxy S23 series. Currently, the beta is limited to select regions, namely Korea, Germany, and the US. A new small incremental One UI 6 beta is available but it is only in the Korea.

This is a hotfix update and considering it is live just within a few days after the beta release means it comes with a critical fix.

The new beta for Galaxy S23 announced in the official Samsung Korea forum. Its an OTA update rolling out to users who already installed the One UI 6 beta. And the first incremental beta comes with build version ZWH8. Expect this to be smaller in size.

Galaxy S23 Korea One UI 6 Beta OTA

This is a hotfix beta and it fixes:

Improvement of the KT network reception issue in certain environments

Since the first incremental beta only comes with fix for the KT network issue and as we know KT carrier is available in Korea and not in the US and Germany, so the update might stay only in Korea. Yes there will be more updates in every regions, but not this one.

Talking about the Android 14 based One UI 6 beta for other regions, it will be available soon but there’s no official date on when its going to be available. The next set of regions when the beta will be available include India, China, UK, and Poland.

In case if you are a Galaxy S23 user in Korea, Germany, and the US and want to try the Android 14 based One UI 6 beta, then you can easily opt for the beta program. Check out this guide. This will work for users in the other regions when One UI 6 expands to other mentioned regions.

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