Here’s the first look at upcoming One UI 6.1 Battery Protection

According to rumors, Samsung may release One UI 6.1 with the Galaxy S24 series. Recently, there was a big One UI 6.1 features leak, in which many upcoming features for Galaxy phones were revealed. One UI 6.1 will be the first major update to One UI 6.

One of the One UI 6.1 features has been spotted in One UI 6. It was shared by X users Sabarinath Panikken and Tarun Vats. The feature we are talking about is battery protection which will be available for Galaxy phones with One UI 6.1 in 2024. It’s hidden in One UI 6 and it doesn’t work right now but it will give you an idea of what the feature actually does.

The feature is hidden in One UI 6 but can be activated with a trick. However, as mentioned, this feature will not work. Battery Protection is an improved version of the Protect Battery feature. Protect Battery feature stops charging at 85%. While the Battery Protection feature lets you choose between basic protection, adaptive protection and maximum protection.

One UI 6.1 Battery Protection

Basic protection: When your battery is charged to 100%, charging will stop until the battery level drops down to 95% and then charging will start again. This will repeat until your phone is disconnected from the charger. This provides a basic level of protection for your battery and ensures that your phone is charged to at least 95%.

Adaptive protection: Charging will pause at 80% while you are sleeping and finish charging to 100% just before you wake up. This provides moderate protection for people who charge their phones over night. Sleep time is estimated based on your phone usage pattern.

Maximum protection: Your battery will completely stop charging when it reaches 80% and will not resume unless the battery level drops below 80%. This provides the most protection for your battery, but your tablet will be never be charged higher than 80%.

If you own Galaxy phone and already updated to One UI 6, you can follow these steps to see what this feature is all about.

  1. Install Activity Launcher from Play Store.
  2. Open Launcher and search for Batterypro.
  3. Tap the Battery Protection activity which will open the battery protection page.
  4. Turn on the toggle and all three options will appear.
One UI 6.1 Battery Protection

As the feature name suggests, it prevents the smartphone battery from degrading rapidly. Overcharging or charging more than 80% causes rapid battery degradation which can potentially reduce battery performance. So it is always good to take measures that prevent these situations.

Samsung already has a number of features like Protect Battery and even using routines to preserve battery. But more advanced features are always welcome.

Let us know your thoughts on this upcoming feature. If you have missed One UI 6.1 leaked features list you can visit the linked page to catch up.

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