Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List (Unit Tier List)

Role-playing games are huge in number, no matter what platform you pick. Mobile, console, PC, or even handheld, you will find a large number of RPG fans out there. Even the Nintendo Switch has a good number of RPG games. One of the notable ones out there has to be Fire Emblem Three Houses.

The game is all about how you as a professor will be teaching students from one of the three different houses. The game is a turn by turn based one where you will be leading your students into various battles, strategies and eventually find new tactics to take your enemies out. Because it’s a turn by turn-based, you need to know what characters you need to use and which you probably shouldn’t. So here is the Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List of characters.

In our unit tier list of Fire Emblem: The Houses, we will be ranking out all the units starting from the best i.e. S tier to the lowest or worst, i.e. F tier. Based on this tier list prepared, you will be able to select the characters that you feel need to use when battling around. So, here we present, the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Unit Tier List for you to go through.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tier List

We all play games for fun and to win. If you are new to the game then you should know which character unit is the best using which you can win the game. And so here comes the use of a full unit tier list with their class that will help you to decide which character to choose for which tasks. As mentioned earlier you will find from the best S Tier List to the worst F tier list.

Fire Emblem Three House S Tier List

DimitriGreat Lord
EdelgardEmperor, Wyvern Lord
Female BylethEnlightened One, Falcon Knight
LysitheaGremory, Dark Flier, Dark Knight
Male BylethEnlightened One

Fire Emblem Three House A Tier List

DedueWar Master
FelixMortal Savant, Bow Knight
FerdinandPaladin, Wyvern Lord
LeonieBow Knight
LinhardtBishop, Holy Knight
PetraWyvern Lord

Fire Emblem Three House B Tier List

AnnetteDark Flier, Pegasus Knight
CatherineMortal Savant, Falcon Knight
ConstanceDark Flier, Gremory
CyrilBow Knight, Wyvern Lord
HildaFalcon Knight
IngridFalcon Knight
MarianneFalcon Knight, Holy Knight, Valkyrie
MercedesBishop, Holy Knight
ShamirSniper, Bow Knight

Fire Emblem Three House C Tier List

FlaynDark Flier
Hapi Valkyrie
HubertDark Knight
JeritzaDeath Knight
SetethWyvern Lord
SylvainWyvern Lord, Paladin

Fire Emblem Three House D Tier List

AloisWar Master, Armor Knight
AsheSniper, Wyvern Lord
BalthusWar Monk
CasparWar Master

Fire Emblem Three House F Tier List

HannemanDark Knight
ManuelaGremory, Trickster, Bishop
RaphaelWar Master
GilbertArmor Knight


And there you have it! All the units from Fire Emblem: Three Houses ranked from the top best S tier to the lowest or for that matter, worst F Tier. We hope this tier list helps you in making wise decisions while going out for a battle in the game.

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