How to Enter Fastboot Mode & Unlock Bootloader on Pixel 3a / 3a XL

This is a guide for Pixel 3a & Pixel 3a XL users. Here you will know How to enter Fastboot Mode on Pixel 3a/3a XL and How to Unlock Bootloader on Pixel 3a/3a XL.

Pixel 3a unlock bootloader

In 2018 Google introduced the third generation of Pixel phones as Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL. But many users couldn’t afford it, so recently Google introduces the budget phones of the same series named Pixel 3a & Pixel 3a XL. Both phones are about half the price of regular phones of the series but the features are really great especially the Camera. We will talk about its feature later.

Google also gives its users the right to unlock bootloader whenever they want, just like Samsung & OnePlus. There is no need to fill any form or wait for a longer duration to unlock bootloader on Pixel 3a & 3a XL. It’s an easy procedure but still, you need a guide if you have never unlocked bootloader on Pixel phones. So, in this case, this guide will help you to easily boot into Fastboot Mode and Unlock Bootloader on Pixel 3a (XL). First, let’s have a look at the Pixel 3a & 3a XL Specifications.

Pixel 3a & Pixel 3a XL – Details

The Pixel 3a features a 5.6-inch display & Pixel 3a XL features a 6.0-inch display. Both the phones run on Android 9 Pie OS out of the box and both are upgradable. Pixel 3a & 3a XL are powered with Snapdragon 670 processor integrated with Adreno 615 GPU. Both phones are coupled with 4GB RAM onboard and 64GB of Internal Storage.

Now talking about the camera, both Pixel 3a & 3a XL has same camera setup. At back both have a 12.2-megapixel rear camera. And at the front, both have an 8-megapixel selfie camera. You can not judge Google phone’s camera with megapixel because here the 12 MP camera is better than many 48 MP cameras. Both phones come with 3000mAh battery with fast charging technology. That’s it for the Specifications now let’s dive into the process to enter Fastboot Mode and then guide to unlock bootloader.

How to Enter Fastboot Mode on Pixel 3a & Pixel 3a XL

All the Android phones have the Fastboot mode, also it is known as Download Mode in some phones. This mode allows users to write command on the phones. Also, it only supports Fastboot commands. If you want to unlock bootloader then you need to know how to boot Google Pixel 3a to Fastboot Mode. There is more than one way to boot into Fastboot Mode. Below you will find two methods so follow any method that you find easy.

Method 1:

  1. Power off your Google Pixel 3a or 3a XL using the Power button. pixel 3a fastboot mode
  2. Press & Hold Volume Down + Power button together. pixel 3a fastboot mode
  3. Release all the button when Fastboot Mode screen appears.
  4. Nice, now you are into the Fastboot Mode on Pixel 3a / 3a XL.

Method 2:

  1. Install ADB & Fastboot drivers on PC.
  2. Open Settings on your Pixel 3a phone.
  3. Go to System > About Phone and tap 7 times on ‘Build Number’. pixel 3a fastboot mode
  4. It will enable developer options.
  5. Open Developer Options from System > Developer options.
  6. In Developer options, enable USB Debugging. pixel 3a fastboot mode
  7. Connect your phone to PC using a USB cable.
  8. Open Command window on PC and enter the below command
    • adb devices
  9. Allow the Debugging on your phone and then enter the below command to boot Pixel 3a to Fastboot mode
    • adb reboot bootloader
  10. That’s it now the phone will boot to Fastboot Mode.

How to Unlock Bootloader on Pixel 3a & Pixel 3a XL

By default, the bootloader is locked on all phones, except if you buy the unlocked one. It restricts the device from being changed or modified. So if you want to root your phone or install TWRP recovery then first you need to unlock bootloader. After unlocking you will have the permission to modify your Pixel 3a/XL. Follow the step by step guide given below, also make sure to follow pre-requirements.


Steps to Unlock Bootloader

  1. Open Settings on your Pixel 3a and go to System > About phone and tap 7 times on ‘Build Number’ to enable developer options.
  2. Go back to System and open Developer options. Pixel 3a unlock bootloader
  3. In developer options, enable OEM Unlocking & USB Debugging. Pixel 3a unlock bootloader
  4. Now boot your Pixel 3a to Fastboot Mode using the above method.
  5. Connect your phone to PC using a USB cable.
  6. Open Command window/CMD on your PC (PowerShell may not work so use CMD). Pixel 3a unlock bootloader
  7. Enter the below command to unlock bootloader on Pixel 3a/3a XL
    • fastboot flashing unlock
  8. The above command prompt options on your phone. Navigate to ‘Unlock bootloader’ using Volume buttons and use the Power button to select it.
  9. It will erase all the data and unlock the bootloader on your phone.
  10. After unlocking bootloader enter the below command to reboot to system
    • fastboot reboot
  11. Setup your phone and Enjoy.

So this is how you can unlock bootloader on Pixel 3a & 3a XL. This method will also work with other Pixel phones. Now you can easily root your phone and even install custom Recovery.

This is it in the Pixel 3a Fastboot Mode and unlock the bootloader guide. If you get any error while performing any of the given methods then comment below (make sure to describe the error). We will reply with the solution to fix the error. Thanks.

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  1. Step 2) Hold the power button & volume down buttons together until you see the ‘fastboot’ screen. Then whatever you do, boot the phone up as normal anyway. Repeat until you get bored or decide this will never work and smash the phone. =]

    Seriously, WHATEVER I do, it boots up normally! As soon as I release that power button. I get the fastboot screen, and it says to move the volume keys to navigate etc, but as soon as I release ANY key, it boots normally. I thought, maybe I hold the power key and press volume, nope. Release power while holding volume, nope. Release all together, nope. Needless to say, as per EVERY effing guide I follow, things NEVER work for me!

  2. Hi, I’m wondering if you can help me as the option to unlock does not appear for me. When I type in the command prompt, another one pops up to say “waiting for any device”. I have tried looking up a solution but haven’t found one that works. Do you have any recommendations of what to do to solve this?


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