[Update: PC specs revealed] Far Cry 6 Release Date, Gameplay, and Trailer

If first-person shooter games are what interest you, then, Ubisoft’s Far Cry series is what you should be looking at. Far Cry 6 is the latest one in the series and is expected to be released later this year but not later than March 2022. If you’ve been wanting to know everything about Far Cry 6, then you’ve come to the right place as we’ll be covering details like Far Cry 6 Release Date, Far Cry 6 Gameplay, Trailer, and current news.

The first Far Cry game was launched way back in 2004. Developed by Crytek, a studio based in Germany, the original Far Cry turned out to be a massive success and gained popularity across the world. The game was published by Ubisoft and was launched on PC. The game was made available to the PS3 and Xbox 360 10 years later, with the console porting being done by Ubisoft Montreal.

Between 2004 and 2019 there have been 12 games in the Far Cry series. The latest one is Far Cry: New Dawn, a spin-off to Far Cry 5 that borrows a lot of elements from it. Now that everyone’s been waiting on the new Far Cry 6 game let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Far Cry 6 Release Date

Far Cry 6 Release Date

Far Cry 6 release was scheduled for February 18 of 2021 for all platforms. This has now all been changed and the game has been postponed to a later date. Ubisoft, during its financial earnings, it clear that the game is expected to be out by the end of Q3 meaning before the end of September 2021. Ubisoft has also made it clear that the game could be out before March of 2022. So, no solid timeline for the Far Cry 6 release as of now.

Far Cry 6 Gameplay and Trailer

The Far Cry 6 trailer was revealed by Ubisoft on the 12th of July 2020 during its Ubisoft Forward event. The publisher also revealed a cinematic title trailer for the game as well. With regards to Far Cry 6 gameplay, there is none as of now. Though one could hope that Ubisoft might reveal details and progress of the game somewhere during the upcoming E3 expo or maybe during its own Ubisoft Forward event that’s expected to take place sometime in July 2021. Both these events will be held online respectively.

Diego’s cellphone as seen in the trailer simply indicates that the game takes place in a modern-day world. Yara is currently going through a revolution between the dictator Antón Castillo and the country. The trailer also shows Antón handing a grenade to Diego and explaining to him what’s happening and what might happen when he becomes the president of Yara. The trailer also shows how both groups are fighting around with security forces running and protecting themselves with shields whereas protesters can be seen hurling Molotov on the security forces.

Yara is a tropical nation that resembles a lot of present-day Cuba. Players will be able to run over rooftops and use dark passageways to fight against opponents. You’ll also get to choose the playable character as a male or female. Based on this the character’s voice will change as you take on the role of Dani Rojas – a revolutionary seeking to fight against dictator Antón who has been ruling Yara for 50 years or so.

Far Cry 6 Release Date

Far Cry Platform Availability

Far Cry 6 on the Xbox

The game will be available for the new and previous generation Xbox consoles. With that being said, you can experience gameplay in 4K Ultra HD resolutions and running at 120 FPS with HDR capabilities as well. The Xbox version of the game will be available as and when the game launches globally.

Far Cry 6 on the PlayStation

For PlayStation owners, Far Cry 6 will be available for PS4 as well as PS5. While purchasing the PS4 version of the game you’ll be getting a PS5 digital version of the game at no additional cost whatsoever. This works best if you might, later on, plan to upgrade to a PS5 as and when stocks are available. With the new-gen PlayStation, players will be able to play at 4K 60FPS and have quick load times with its super quick SSD.

Far Cry 6 on PC

Since there are no official gameplay clips from the publisher, no one’s quite sure of what the minimum and recommend requirements could be. As for availability, the game will be available to purchase out from Uplay and the Epic Games Store. And as most of the Far Cry players are from the PC platform, it makes no sense if they don’t release it for PC.

Far Cry 6 Gameplay Trailer

Far Cry 6 and Cloud Gaming services

So far, the game will be available on Google’s own cloud gaming service Stadia. We are yet to know if it may come over to GeForce Now and other cloud gaming platforms.

Ubisoft also states that on pre-ordering the game, players will have access to the Liberated pack which includes an outfit for Chorizo and Discos Locos- a deadly weapon.

Update June 7th: Release Date and Gameplay revealed

Ubisoft just revealed its first gameplay trailer for Far Cry 6. The trailer showcases the various kinds of weapons that you’ll be able to use, different vehicles that you can build and drive around town, and new healing animations as well. Apart from all this, you can choose to play as a male or female protagonist who finally can interact and speak, unlike the protagonists from previous Far Cry games. You get to choose weapons made out of different materials from a motorbike engine-powered gun to a gun that plays the Macarena song and shoots out CDs. And not to forget, a new amigo Guapo the crocodile has been revealed

The game will be released on the 7th of October 2021 on all platforms. There will be three editions to choose from Standard, Gold, and Ultimate. The season pass will available with the Gold Ultimate versions. As for the PC version of the game, Ubisoft hasn’t revealed the minimum and recommended specs yet, though we can hope they reveal it alongside a second gameplay trailer.

Update September 3rd: FarCry 6 PC Specs Revealed

Ubisoft has finally revealed the PC requirements needed to play FarCry 6.

Minimum Requirements: 1080p 30 FPS DirectX RayTracing Off

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 @3.1GHZ or Intel i5 4460 @ 3.2 GHZ
  • GPU: AMD RX 460 4GB or Nviida GTX 960 4 GB
  • RAM: 8GB Dual Channel
  • Storage: 60GB

Recommended Requirements: 1440p 60 FPS DirectX RayTracing Off

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X @ 3.8GHZ or Intel i7 7700 @ 3.6 GHZ
  • GPU: AMD RX VEGA64 8GB or Nvidia GTZ 1080 8GB
  • RAM: 16 GB Dual Channel
  • Storage: 97 GB

Recommended Requirements: 1440p 60 FPS DirectX RayTracing On

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X @ 3.7 GHZ or intel i7 10600 @ 4.1 GHZ
  • GPU: AMD RX 6900XT 16 GB or Nvidia RTX 3070 8GB
  • RAM: 16 GB Dual Channel
  • Storage: 97 GB

Recommended Requirements: 4K 30 FPS DirectX RayTracing On

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X @ 3.7 GHZ or Intwl i7 10700K @ 3.8 GHZ
  • GPU: AMD RX 6800 16 GB or Nvidia RTX 3080 10 GB
  • RAM: 16 GB Dual Channel
  • Storage: 97 GB


So far with all the limited information that is available, Far Cry 6 could be said as one of the best games in the Far Cry series. With regards to the tropical nation Yara, we could expect to see a vast open-world area with lots of side missions and other activities the player might be able to do. With this being said, we’ll have to wait till E3 and Ubisoft Forward for more details and most importantly of all, the game’s launch date.

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