Nvidia ACE – Everything You Need to Know about AI Game Tech

Taking a look around, you might have found that almost each and everything has a use case for Artificial Intelligence. Because AI has become the talk of the town, a lot of things are now getting prepared to integrate AI.

Nvidia, the maker of GPUs, has just announced new tech that now integrates AI into games. Yes, you will now soon be seeing generative AI being integrated into games. So what elements will be getting the AI treatment in games? The Non-Playable Characters or in-short NPCs.

What is Nvidia ACE?

Nvidia ACE is a brand new tool that has been created to give developers the option to make NPCs i.e. Non Playable Characters respond and be more life-like. We have seen games where you interact with an NPC who will usually speak two or three lines and that is it. Now, you can have interactive conversations with such characters within the game.

NPCs in future games will now be smarter and if you think about it, can actually help you in the game when you are completing a heist or a mission. Apart from just making better conversation between the NPC and the player, the character models will now be able to get a more realistic look and feel thanks to the various modules under Nvidia ACE.

Nvidia Tokkio and Its Modules For Games

Yes, NPCs in upcoming games will now be able to hold an active conversation with you. This takes in-game NPCs to a whole other level. In fact, if you think about it, there are going to be a lot of interesting, fun conversations to take place and be shared all over social media.

Nvidia is calling this new tech Omniverse ACE. ACE stands for Vatar Cloud Engine.

To make this simple, fast, and easy, Nvidia has released FIA foundation models to help game developers integrate AI into their games. The best one is Nvidia Tokkio. This is an AI module that can help create and access avatars right on the go. This can be easily used in places where customers need to get services quickly. The avatars are programmed to be natural, helpful, and responsive.

Nvidia Omniverse Audio2Face Module

Now, Nvidia’s Tokkio has been built thanks to three important technology models. The first one is Animation AI. You can easily create 2D and 3D models with AI that can be used in your video games. Thanks to the Audio2Face animation AI,  you can easily create characters inside Unreal Engine that can give you realistic results. The 2D animated AI models can be easily used in videos by using stylized human faces. All of this can be easily created either with video or even audio inputs.

Nvidia RIVA – Language, Speech, and Text Module

The next AI module by Nvidia is Nvidia Riva. This model now lets your newly created animated avatars hear, understand, and reply back to you. This module will also integrate natural-sounding audio so that it doesn’t feel and sound odd. As of now, the module supports a total of 34 languages with the ability to understand, text-to-text, speech to text and also speech to speech.

Nvidia NeMo Language Services

With your avatar already able to understand languages, it now needs to know where and when it will be required to converse with the player or the user. With the NeMo module, you can easily set up different parameters to build up your conversations and give them a natural flow so that it does not feel computer generated or controlled.

Where and When Can We See This Tech

The good part about this new Nvidia tech is that it is already being implemented in projects that are slated to be released towards the end of this year.

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2: Heart Of Chernobyl will be adopting Audio2Face in its game which is slated to be released by the end of this year.
  • Fort Soils is another upcoming game which is a sci-fi thriller that takes place on Mars. This game will also be making use of the Audio2Face module.
  • Audio2Face is also being used by  Charisma.ai to create animation in its own conversation engine with the help of Audio2Face.
  • A demo for Kairos has been released that makes use of Nvidia ACE. Check out the footage here.

Looking at how Nvidia’s AI tech will be integrated into video game development, you can expect to see a ton of new genre games as well as even more interactive games. This is the type of advancement that will help bring out new creatives as well as an even more interactive player base. The coping years will also see more improvement and development in the AI field for gaming.

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