Epic Games Store for Android and iOS to launch later this year

Epic Games has just announced that their games store is coming to Android and iOS later this year. The battle between Epic Games vs Apple and Google was like a roller coaster ride. Do you remember the days when it was easy to download Fortnite on your Android or iOS smartphone? But then it was removed.

For gamers who enjoyed Fortnite on their mobile phones, this was a tough ride. They were sad days indeed. But better days are coming soon for Fortnite and other games on Epic games store.

In the announcement, Epic Games Store official stated that the storefront, while making its way to Android and iOS will be going forward with the same terms and conditions for all developers out there. The multi-platform store will work across Android, iOS, PC, and macOS.

Epic Games Store for Mobile is coming soon
Epic Games Store concept view

Epic Games states that developers will get 88% of the revenue and Epic Games themselves will take a 12% share of the revenue. And developers will keep 100% of the revenue made from using their own payment method for in-app purchases. Developers will also be eligible for 100% revenue for in-app purchases through Epic payment service for the first six months after launch on the Epic Games Store.

Additionally, the post also says that there will be a lot of games for users to play and enjoy. So yes, we will be getting Fortnite on the mobile back as well as some interesting new games for the mobile platform like Fall Guys. Epic Games Store hasn’t revealed many details as to when we can expect the storefront to go live for Android and iOS.

It is going to be an interesting year for mobile gamers with the launch of the Epic Games Store. Given that there are a great number of smartphones that can handle a good number of games, we can expect even more game titles on the mobile platform, and for good reason.

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