You can enable iOS 16 Lock Screen on iPadOS 16 through a hidden menu

Last week Apple released iOS 16, iPadOS 16 along with other major OS updates. But currently, these are available for developers to test. iOS 16 comes with a slew of changes including new lock screen personalization. iPadOS 16 also has the same features as iOS 16 but it misses out on lock screen personalization.

But it seems there is a hidden debug menu on iPadOS 16. Apple may have tested the new lock screen in iPadOS 16, but it didn’t work well and so Apple didn’t include it in the iPadOS 16 (that’s just my guess). As we know that nothing can be hidden from the users, a Twitter user Federico Viticci managed to find out this hidden feature or menu. This means that you can enable iOS 16 lock screen on iPadOS 16 by enabling the debug menu.

On iOS, Springboard is used to manage the lock screen and homescreen. But in iOS 16, the new lock screen customization is done through a new internal app called Posterboard. And since it’s an internal app, it’s hidden by default and accessible when you go into customizations on the lock screen. But since the new lock screen customization is not available in iPadOS 16, Posterboard is not accessible from the lock screen.

But it is not completely hidden in the first developer beta of iPadOS 16. Apple may hide it in the second or any of the upcoming betas so make sure you give it a try before it’s gone.

The PosterBoard can be made visible through the Shortcut feature. Yes with Shortcuts many things are possible as we mentioned in our many how to guides.

iOS 16 lock screen on iPadOS 16
Source: viticci

So all you need to do is create a new shortcut that opens PosterBoard and you will be able to access the iOS 16 lock screen customization on your iPadOS 16 running device.

Here’s a video by another user showing the lock screen configuration in iPadOS 16.

PosterBoard can be used as an app from the Shortcut and brings all the iOS 16 lock screen customizations. And it works very well in most scenarios. However, on some particular parts, it is unstable and even crashes. And this might be the reason why Apple didn’t include a new lock screen feature in iPadOS 16.

But still, if you only want to use basic configurations like different clock styles, clock colors, and widgets. Widget alignments might not be great in all cases.

Other features like multiple lockscreen, focus modes, and all are not working. So if anyone only wants to try the new clock styles with color customizations then this will do the job.

I think the new lock screen will not make it in iPadOS 16 even on beta updates after its public release. If it was about to come in the iPadOS 16, Apple would have mentioned it in the event since it is a big, in fact the best change in iOS 16 and could have been in iPadOS 16 as well. So let’s take iPadOS 17 as the update in which we can see the new lock screen customization.

Are you using iPadOS 16 Dev Beta, if yes you can easily create a shortcut to launch PosterBoard and access the debug menu to get partially working iOS 16 lock screen customization in iPadOS 16. If it crashes, try a couple of times by giving some time between each try.

The new iOS 16 lock screen comes at the cost of live photos which no one is talking about. Yes, you can not apply live photos on the lock screen. However, there are a couple of dynamic wallpapers that change animation when switching from lock screen to homescreen or vice versa.

If you have already tried the new iOS 16 lock screen either on iPhone or iPad, let us know about your experience in the comment section.

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